"I want something to drink."


June 21, 2017



~ほしい expresses your own desire for some object, intangible outcome to someone else. 3 keywords: Your own desire, object, and a listener

~ stem of ます + たい form means you or someone else like to do some action. 2 Keywords: you / others, and action


I like to have [ some ] tea OR I want [ some ] tea

こうちゃをのみたいです I want to drink tea

車がほしいです I like to have a car OR I want a car

車を運転したいです I want to drive a car

Note: ~ほしい can only be used by you to describe yourself, it cannot be used to describe any 2nd person, as it will need a different grammar structure

Stem of ます + たい form can be used either way for yourself to describe yourself, or others, or the other way round, does not need any special grammar

August 30, 2017


のみもの is essentially "drinking"+"thing", the same way 食べもの (food) is "eating"+"thing"

August 17, 2017


Thanks that really helped

October 12, 2017


I thought it would have been 何かのみたいです。

August 19, 2017


たい form refers to actions that you want to do, ~ ほしい refers to physical things or intangible objects or outcomes that you desire

August 30, 2017


Why is the です required?

August 23, 2017


It shouldn't be. ほしいです。is very formal,

January 28, 2018


my limited Japanese learning so far makes me think this would be translated as "I want a drink", but it's translated as "I want something to drink". am I missing something?

August 12, 2017


Duo has mistranslated this, the closest sentence would be "I like to have something to drink", since "I like to have a drink" in some cultures or social environments, it would mean you want an alcoholic drink like wine or beer.

Saying "I want ~" may mean similarly, but does not convey the original Japanese meaning of the unspoken understanding that the listener has the option of denying the speaker's request for whatever reason [ politely, of course ] and the speaker himself is mentally ready to have his request denied without hard feelings on both sides

August 30, 2017


me irl

August 24, 2017


Better English would be "I want a beverage."

October 2, 2017


Is there a way in Japanese to say something along the lines of "I want something for the purpose of drinking it." as that is a lot closer to what the given English phrase means than "I want a beverage." is.

October 12, 2017


Is there a reason "おのみものがほしいです" is wrong? Or has it just not been added as a valid answer?

November 19, 2017


I would like/want a drink-thing, I want something to drink.

March 22, 2018



Is not accepted, but the を vs が implies that you emphasize different things.

Don't give me cookies, I want a A DRINK. Should use を

I am thirsty, I WANT a drink. Should use が

However we do not know the context here, and I think both should be acceptable.

May 4, 2019


ほしい means wish, really it should be ください

September 1, 2017


No it doesn't, it expresses want. Saying please afterwards doesnt make sense

October 30, 2017
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