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Duolingo has changed, or has it?

I know Duolingo has changed a lot, but why are we here? To learn languages! That's what they are doing all along, making a free site to learn languages on. Most of the social things are gone because they took up most of the system's network=money. Yea, why is everyone complaining? If I had just come to this site yesterday, I would probably think, "why have I never known of such a great, free language learning site?" Now it's like, "Duolingo has changed, sad." When I did come to this site for the first time, it had immersion and all. I never used it ONCE. Stream, immersion, even the discussions. All I did was learn Languages, and it was great. I even made two accounts! One for German and one for Russian (I did not want to earn too many Lingots). Ok, I know it was nice writing to people on their stream, but the whole meaning of the site is to learn. If you want to write someone, go to Facebook. I hope you understand, thanks for the time.

June 21, 2017



I think some people seriously underestimate the Activity streams. Socialising and building community with others is, in my opinion, a fundamental part of language learning. Kudos to those who are able to learn a lot alone, but ever since having communication between all users cut off (except for discussion), I've personally found it very difficult to keep going. I like the feeling of community.


Yes, that's true.


Well, you didn't get all you could have out of the site. Plain and simple. You could have gotten more if you'd more fully utilized it. And yes, I mean for learning languages, not substituting for Facebook.

It'd be great if people who did not make use of things available to them would stop lecturing those of us who were more resourceful.


I agree piguy3 and Buruboro - it did have more of a sense of community. It's clear from my streak that I keep going and enjoy using Duolingo to learn languages, however that does not mean that I don't miss the community feel. I made a good few 'friends' along the way and it was great messaging them - sometimes for advice as it was their native language - or just to give encouragement to others without making it public. Changes come and go and sometimes they are more advantageous than others - however at the moment it does seem to have lost some of it's charm - well in my opinon - before anyone blasts me!!

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