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How to remove a language if that one is the only one learnt language based on the selected language?

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Dear DuoLingo users,

I can see my active language courses now moving my mouse on the flag. I like the new option that all language courses are visible together without changing the language.

I can realize that there are many false courses on level 1 on my list: For example "learn English from Turkish" or "learn German from Portughese".

How can I remove all those level 1 languages that are not learnt at all by me?

Thanks a lot for your kind help in advance,


June 21, 2017



We have made a change that does not show courses from different base languages if you have 0 XP in that course. Hope this helps :)


Apparently that has solved the problem, but is Duolingo counting those accidental users in the courses?

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Dear Karint,

Thanks a lot for the quick feedback.

You're right: I don't see the courses on my list any more that have 0 XP.

Thanks again and best personal regards,



I can see Guarani and English with 0exp and I can't get rid of them.


Unfortunately, you cannot do this, you just can reset the course progress only.

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Hi Biztripper,

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I have the same feeling...

Have a great day,



Many thanks. Same to you, Ledo.


Just wait, the Duo staff should quickly implement some resolution, because many people reported the same problem you have.

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Hi JAndrzej,

Thanks for the information and thanks for confirming that the issue has already been reported.

All the best,



Hi, Ledo! I would like to inform you that now I have only those "level1" courses I used today, the rest was deleted from my list, so I guess that there was some change on the website an hour or two ago.

All the best!

EDIT - it seems that now all courses that have 0xp points vanish from your list, so the issue is solved. Just reset experience points for those languages you don't want to learn and then switch to one of those languages you want and all reseted courses should be removed from your menu.


Hey Ledo,

nice to see you again!
How is the wind-/kitesurfing season going at your Balaton/Plattensee location? :-)

Sorry, can not send you a PN.
Some days ago my user account got migrated to the new DuoLingo portal, so I lost the Activity tab and private messaging text fields and submit button (which functionality seem to have got corrupted even on the old portal anyways because Mat could not read my full 4-5 msg posts in a single activity user thread).

Have fun!

Best regards from Germany


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Hallo Thomas,

Ich bin glücklich, weil ich dich hier wiedersehen kann.

Plattensee ist toll: Dort verbringen wir in diesem Jahr so viel Zeit. Wir schwimmen viel und ich habe auch viele Wettkämpfe.

Leider haben wir keine Möglichkeit Private Message zu benutzen. Hoffentlich können wir diese Option bald zurückbekommen. :)

Alles Gute,


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Hi GxusSky,

Thanks for the help. I know this option that works if you learn multiple languages based on your selected basic language.

The question: How can we remove a language that is the only one language on your selected basic language?

Thanks a lot for spending time trying to help me,


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