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Mobile website?

I have just come back to Duolingo after a bit of a hiatus, and discovered that I can no longer "view full site" when visiting the website on my phone. I used to use that to be able to view things like Tips & Notes while on my phone, going back and forth between the app and my web browser. Is this ability gone forever now? Does anyone know another way to access this information without being on a computer?

June 21, 2017



There's been a major overhaul of the site, so this is possible.

If you use Chrome on Android or iOS, try its 'Use Desktop Version' function. That may work.


I've been trying that, and every time I go to the languages it kicks me back to the mobile version


On an Android phone/tablet you can switch to the destop version via your browser menu, e.g
"How do I change to the desktop view in Firefox for Android?"


There is a similar function in iOS. But it doesn't work :-(


And it also means it seems now to be impossible to access the forum with my phone :-(


I can get to the forums it if I google Duolingo and click discussions from underneath the main link

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