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Learning Spanish

I've just picked Spanish for GCSE and i am regretting it because i chose it as a last resort, so i sighed up to Dualingo to improve my Spanish skills, I do tend to get good marks in the tests i do at school, however i was asked to write a postcard in Spanish the other day and I was forgetting basic words and I feel I can't form a sentence on my own. For those who have been using Dualingo for a while does it really help? I don't feel like I will be able to do well in exams and any words of support would be much appreciated. Thank-you

June 21, 2017



I use a notebook and write new words and say them when I write them. I also rewrite word that do not come to mind when I am doing Duolingo.


It really helps, trust me, Duolingo is worth it. It isnt the best all on its own, but no website is. However, with a class or something, it totally helps.


It helps, yes, but most of my knowledge is from immersion outside of Duo.

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