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San Francisco Community Meetup, June 25th! (Sunday)

[Pics from a previous meetup will post as soon as I have cell network :P]

Updated details for the June 25th, San Francisco Meetup:

Open to ages: 18+
Date: Sunday, June 25th
Time: 11:30am (Pacific Daylight Savings Time)
Location: Crossroads Cafe. 699 Delancey Street, San Fran 94107

Join us for basic level (So, Duo tree) Spanish conversation this Sunday. You're welcome to come even if you don't know any Spanish. We had a few people learning Italian and French show up at the last luncheon I attended and it was still a lot of fun. We'll be bringing some basic conversation starter handouts and if everything arrives on time, there will be some Duo swag included as well. ^_^

I'm not sure if we'll have (user)name tag stickers to hand out or not. So, that's something to consider bringing with you.

Guidelines: Please, do not take pictures of anyone attending without their permission.

June 21, 2017




I will be in Glasgow

so great to meet you

perhaps I could to fly out for the day



If you could, that would be so amazing!! crosses fingers


I will look at the flights from Glasgow

perhaps it would be too expensive

but it would be lovely


nope it will be impossible because I am in Europe on Saturday and will be flying into Edinburgh on Sunday morning


Too bad that I live clear on the other side of the country because that sounds really cool!


Any further info about this meetup?


Any specific information you're looking for?


Just wondering if it's gonna be a huge crowd or just a small gathering. Also, what it's gonna be like. (I'm a bit socially awkward.) Some pics and info from the previous meet-up would be nice.

I had a prior engagement tomorrow morning, and I'm still considering canceling that one for this.

Also, kudos on whoever picked Crossroads.


Only a small number of people have RSVP'd so far, I think around 6 (including me). And, they might not all show up. San Fran Pride is happening this weekend. So, folks are busy with the parade and festivities and wanting to avoid traffic. So, I'm expecting a cozy bunch. But, I can't really guarantee anything.

Socially awkward is fine. I can be very socially awkward sometimes too. So, I get it. You don't have to perform for anyone if you go. You can come just to check things out and if we're going around introducing ourselves, you can even say "pass". And, you can leave any time you want. You're also welcome to bring friends with you, whether or not they are on Duo :)


Alright. Thanks, Usagi. I'll see you there at 11:30.


^_^ See you then.

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