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  5. "カナダはアメリカの北にあります。"


Translation:Canada is located to the north of the US.

June 21, 2017



why not "Canada is north from the USA." Haha, it's hard on the nerves trying to use Duo when your native language is not English and it keeps nitpicking for all the minute particle mistakes in the English translation that have actually nothing to do with learning Japanese. (ఠ్ఠ ˓̭ ఠ్ఠ)


I don't have a good answer to that. You just wouldn't use "from" in that context, though English speakers would definitely understand what you meant. "North of" is just what people say. Please have a sympathy lingot because trying to learn Japanese while doing battle with English sounds like a headache.




Question: When I saw this, I read the possessive as "America's North" and translated the sentence as "Canada is located in North America." I am willing to accept that this is incorrect. My question though, is why cannot "America no North" not be read as North America?


The official name of North America is 北アメリカ (kita amerika).


I think it's rather a fix answer, i wrote, "Canada is located in the north of America", it insisted on, "Canada is located to the north of America".? I do not know a different meaning in these two sentences.


"In the north of America" would mean, that Canada is a (northen) part of America.


Incidentally, considering that meaning the answer that kaki518074 gave should be accepted, because one of the meanings of America (the original one, actually) both in English and Japanese (for what I understood from some dictionaries. But I may be wrong) is the landmass that goes from Argentina to Canada. So saying that Canada is a northern part of America is not necessarily wrong.

Actually, my rebellious self just reported "Canada is in the north of America" as a correct answer :D


You raise a valid point that America is a continent, but in both English and Japanese "America" and アメリカ are usually understood as the United States. アメリカ大陸 (amerika tairiku) is Japanese for the Americas (American continent).


why is it "arimasu" and not just "desu"


あります is used when you talk about locations or when you want to state that something exists. In this context you can think of it as "is located". placeにnounがあります。

です is used for adjectives and nouns/noun phrases when you want to say something is something else. N1はN2です。 (Nは) Adjです。


Is Canada is located north to the US wrong English?


"Of" rather than "to" is the idiom.


It is "on" that is the first preposition which comes to my mind. Canada is to the north of the US, but more precisely, it is on the north of the US (they share a long border). In contrast to the US, Canada is to the north of Mexico but not on the north of Mexico. That's how I figured... I am not native in English, so does it look right?

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