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  5. Can anyone help me??


Can anyone help me??

I didn't mean to do dutch, and I did it by accident. Is there anyway I can delete that course? Thanks in advance

June 21, 2017



I can help! Hover over your name and hit settings. Once your at settings, the second one down should say ''learning language.'' Hit that. It will say one language your learning. Below it, it will say reset or remove language. If you click that, all the languages your learning will pop up. The just remove whichever one you want to remove. I hope that's what you two are going for!


good question by the way


Oh and it will say this change is permanent. They just mean that if you re-add this language again it won't have any progress that you did on it.


i have the same problem !!!! need help 2 !!


Click this link and choose the language that you want to remove.


Thanks everyone!

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