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American Sign Language??

I know that it may not fit the traditional structure that Duolingo likes to stick to, but maybe an American Sign Language course would be a good addition to the Duolingo catalog. Now that we have seen languages with Non-Roman writing structures, such as Japanese, find a place on the website, the possibilities are beginning to grow!

A picture-to-writing based course could introduce hundreds of thousands to ASL in an easy-to-understand format. Even dialects could be covered with extra notes or bonus skills!

I am hoping to be fluent in ASL someday, as I know many other Americans are, and the opportunity to study it on Duolingo would be extremely helpful. Please help to make it happen!! Thanks!

June 21, 2017



That will be nice, but till then, I recommend using the Memrise app or Memrise.com and doing the ASL lessons there. It's really good! If you do go there, just type "ASL" on the search engine and you will find the lessons.


Thanks for the tip! I will be sure to check it out!


ASL is different than many other languages, and Duolingo would have to write a lot of new software to make this happen. Try using lifeprint instead.

See also ASL is possible on Duolingo


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Learning ASL online is already difficult enough, let alone on Duo's platform. It isn't just about putting your hands in a certain position. It's movement, facial expression, speed, etc. You wouldn't learn ASL if you tried to learn it on Duo unless you only wanted to learn the alphabet or something.


That's fair. I understand the drawbacks. It definitely wouldn't be in Duo's traditional format, but maybe someday as the program evolves, the option would be viable?


I suppose. I just don't see Duo creating a completely new format for other kinds of languages. If you're interested in learning, you really can't be fluent except by learning with someone. But there are online programs if you're interested in an introduction. I used http://www.lifeprint.com/ for a little while to get the basics down.


Thanks for the tip :) I see where your coming from, and that makes sense. I have played around with the basics on Lifeprint before and really enjoy how in-depth it gets with its descriptions and references to dialects. I appreciate your help!


This course has been suggested and would be pretty awesome on Duolingo although it would take a lot of work to make. For now, you can comment and upvote this post in hopes DL will see it as a good course to consider making.


That would be great, but there are some decks on tinycards you can use, and like NtateNarin said, memrise.


I have already gone through the alphabet deck on tinycards, but that wasn't really as in-depth as I was looking for, if you know what i mean


Yes, I know what you mean : )


I would really love for Duolingo to add ASL to its list of languages!!

Years ago, after I had taken an ASL course at the local community college, I was able to communicate with a small child that came to an NBA event at my job. This kid wanted so much to meet the basketball star. I noticed his agitation and aggravation at not being able to make himself understood. As such, he was relegated to the back of the crowd. I was able to communicate with him in ASL and move him to the head of the line. I will never forget how happy he looked when he realize that I could sign (however limited)! And he was oh so patient with my very basic ASL skills. Just being able to help that child in such a small way gave me so much JOY!


I have learned (most) of the ASL manual alphabet (Missing a few letters I often forget), but I find it quite interesting. It would be great to be able to learn this on Duolingo, to make it easier for families, friends, or just anyone who would like to be able to have a conversation with someone unable to speak.

To check your translations after learning the alphabet, I found a good translator.


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