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Is Japanese here?

I got a mail saying japanese is here and to try the first lesson, but when I click on it, it shows it's still hatching at 68%. Is it available or not?

June 21, 2017



I have three Duolingo accounts. My main one, this one, and one I made just to try out the Android app version of the Japanese tree.

On the first two of those accounts, I clicked the "notify me when this course is available" button; the third one I didn't click it. Yet only the third one got this email!! I didn't even ask for it on that account! xD

Still, even with getting that email, it still just says "Japanese is not available on web" on all three of my accounts. Nothing has changed. Misleading info building hopes up again...

5 weeks ago, beta released on iOS app.
3 weeks ago, beta began gradual roll out to Android app users.
2 weeks ago, Vivi said that the roll out should have reached all Android app users.

Nothing seems to have changed since, so why are we now getting this email today??

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Oh and also... "こんにちわ!"... o_O


Japanese is available on the mobile apps for Android and IOS. The web-based version is not ready yet.


I got the same Email, this should be the one for the web version but I cant see it either.


Did you get that email today?


Yes I got it just an hour ago. Since when has it been available for android?


Three weeks ago it started a gradual roll out to people on Android, estimated to take a week.

Two weeks ago, Vivi said the roll out had finished rolling out to everybody.

If you don't have it on Android, check the Google Play app store on your phone to see if there's an update available for Duolingo. ^^

(Also, I've just found that email...)


I also got the same email today. It's borderline teasing at this point.


Phones yes, PC still under the works. :)

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