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  5. "Eu como o segundo biscoito."

"Eu como o segundo biscoito."

Translation:I eat the second cookie.

March 23, 2014



Why "my" second buiscuit and not simply second biscuit

March 23, 2014


You eat the first biscuit. I eat the second biscuit. It's not my second biscuit.

May 28, 2016


Does any else think it sounds like discoito? Is that normal?

April 3, 2014


I wrote "I eat a second cookie", I would have accepted "I eat the second cookie"... but I don't get the "my"

January 21, 2015


In English, you can say it with "my". It's sort of like saying "this is the second cookie today for me / that I took for myself". For example, I can have my first/usual coffee in the morning. Then later I can have my second coffee (for that day). It's basically another way of saying I had one coffee in the morning and one later on. At other times this can relate to watching how much you consume or having a presumed maximum in your mind that you don't want to/shouldn't go over. Let's say you're allowed five cookies each day maximum (you're on a diet), and you often eat cookies. Then if you say "It is my second cookie" it's like a reminder to self how many you had and how many more you are left to take. Conversely, someone can say to emphasise how few they took "But I only (still) take my (allowed) second cookie (for the day)!" I don't know if this makes much sense - hope works :)

February 28, 2015


Can't "como" also be used as past tense?

November 14, 2019

  • eu como = I eat
  • eu comi = I ate
November 14, 2019
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