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Received an email about Japanese being available, but can't access it; help, please

I just received an email from Duo saying "Japanese is here!" with a link embedded. I selected the link from my phone, but it doesn't show anything Japanese--not a direct link to the tree, nor showing it in the 'select languages' dropdown. I tried looking at it from my computer, but it says available for mobile platforms. Can anyone help, please?

June 21, 2017



It is available for Ios and Android only, and from English as a base language.


Yes, that's what I said, but I also said that I can't access it or even find it on my phone even though I have the link. The link just sends me to the last place I was in Duo


Afaik, all Android users should have received the update containing the Japanese course since two weeks ago (when the week-long gradual rollout sounded like it had completed).

What is your installed Duolingo app's version number?

You should be able to find it in Android settings → apps → all, and then click Duolingo.

The up-to-date version is 3.50.2. But I think as long as it's version 3.49 or higher, then it should have the Japanese course. ^^


That was it! Thanks!! Out of curiosity, how are you doing Japanese on computer?


I could not get Japanese on 4.0 but got it on 4.4, so the limit seems to be somewhere in between these.

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