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  5. "六時です。"


Translation:It's six o'clock.

June 22, 2017



"o'clock" should always be listed as one word, in English the apostrophe joins/abbreviates words into one, just like; it's, isn't, don't and can't. You would never see them written as two separate things, as well as "o" is not a word on it's own, neither is " 'clock" it is the shortening of the phrase "of the clock".


Yeah. I don't mind the split much, I just wish they'd put the apostrophe on the "o" tile. Then at least they could have the excuse that they want to catch you out later on when learning the word for "clock"


Does anyone else think that when they break "o'clock" into two tiles, the apostrophe should be attached to "o" instead of "clock", since "o' " is a contraction of "of", and "o'clock" came from "of the clock"?


is 6 pronounced
ろく ro-ku, OR
どく do-ku ?


It's sort of a mix. The R sounds kind of make a R, L, and D sound, depending on which character it is, sometimes all three at the same time.

Roku is usually a more RL sound though, but I guess you could think about having a sort of short D at the beginning?


The R doesn't sound like a D at all, not even a little bit. It sounds like the "Voiced alveolar flap" (IPA: /ɾ/), which is the same sound used for the letter R in almost all languages other than English. Alternatively, the Japanese may sometimes use the allophone "Voiced alveolar lateral flap" (IPA: /ɺ/).

You can hear the pronunciation of these and many other phonemes on this nice website: https://www.ipachart.com/


Its in one of the beginning lesson


The r often can sound like a d in japanese. But I'm pretty sure in this case it's always an r


"it's 5 o'clock" is accepted as an answer with a typo. Do you think this should this be reported as an answer that shouldn't be accepted


Hmm. So, I can't say - "It's six o'clock now" ? Some native speakers please...


It doesnt have now in the original phrase so why should it have in the translation?


You would need to say ima (now) to make it "it's six o clock now" since it doesn't say ima, you wouldn't say now.


Using "It is 6:00" worked :)! Easier than typing o'clock every time.


Anybody notice that kanji numbers look exactly the same like mandarin? ...or are my eyes deceiving me?


Kanji is the writing system borrowed from Chinese, so yes they look the same because they are the same.
The on-yomi (Sino-Japanese reading) of a kanji is also derived from Chinese (いち、に、さん、し、ご、ろく、etc.)

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