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Duolingo Labs?

This morning I used the website of Duolingo in my phone.

I noticed that a menu was added which is Labs. So if you tap the '3 line' button top right, you can find it there.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find it if I press 'view full site'.

In the labs, you can find:

  1. Duolingo Stories

Description (by Duolingo):

Duolingo Stories uses dialogue to help intermediate and advanced learners improve their reading, listening and comprehension skills

Unfortunately, there are only stories in Spanish and Portuguese.

2.Duolingo events:

Description (by Duolingo):

Connect with other Duolingo learners around you in real life! Practice your communication skills and meet other members of the wonderful Duolingo community.

I can't go there because of sign-in problems.

Am I out of date or is it an A/B Test?


June 22, 2017



The events bit still seems to be accessible here: https://events.duolingo.com

They seem to be real life meet-ups rather than anything online. You can see some meetings (probably just test data - not real) if you explore by region.

[deactivated user]

    Actually, from what I can tell, these are actual events. There are several event Duolingo has created on meetup.com advertising these.

    Duolingo's Meetup page


    Thanks for the correction.

    Originally I did wonder if they would be doing something like that. I immediately looked to see if the meeting being promoted by Usagiboy7 in the forums was listed, but it wasn't. That made me assume they were just test data.


    I can see that it is listed at your link though:


    [deactivated user]

      Interesting that Usagi's isn't being advertised, I assumed it would be. Is it possible that while the meetups are real, they aren't posting them on the Duolingo website yet, and just using test data here?


      It might be a sync job or something has to run? I am assuming here that there is some sort of API for the Meetup site, that Duolingo use (or intend to use).

      Perhaps if the event site is currently a mock-up, they might be re-keying the data across, while they play around with designs.


      Thanks, I have been waiting for someone to post screenshots of Stories. This is even better - I get to use it!


      Thanks for the link. Also not in my language, though.

      [deactivated user]

        These are features that Duolingo is alpha testing right now, to a select group of users. I am able to access the Duolingo stories.

        I'm not allowed to talk about them, but I can say that it's a great feature :).


        It looks fun - something interesting to do while waiting for Health to return! :-)


        I don't see it on my Android or my IOS. Must be a test. What exactly was it on and which tab is it accessible?



        When I went earlier, I could get to it. Now you see a flash of it, then I roll to the home page.

        Oddly, I can get to the exact same destination by hitting the three lines in the upper right of this page and it doesn't roll when I do it that way.


        Weird. I'll try to screenshot it. Edit: NVM it's too complicated. Just screenshot it and look


        Those wanting the stories, only in Spanish and Portuguese so far, go to: https://stories.duolingo.com


        Thank you for the link, it's looks very nice and fun! and events will be very useful


        I see it on Android, but I get kicked out of the labs and to the home page!


        Thank you! I'd seen your link up there but no difference, I was still kicked out. Obviously resolved now that it's official.

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