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Study Tip: Tiny Cards

Hello :)

Has anyone else been using Duolingo's other app Tinycards? It was one of the ads on Duolingo and I decided to download it and it has been SO helpful with the study process.

Before taking lessons on Duolingo, I practice the words on Tinycards and I'm able to remember them when it is time to take the actual lesson on Duolingo.

A tip: Learn/Practice 20-30 words a day leading up to a new lesson on Duolingo. Write down the words and try to memorize them, aka go through the cards and try to see how many you remember. Tinycards helps A LOT with retention.


June 22, 2017

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That is basically what I do. I also use the Memrise decks because I prefer the Memrise way of teaching me to spell.

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