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TinyCards Cantonese Course Level A Deck 4 Published; Course Update; Alphatesting Negatives 1.5

My Cantonese course: Level A Deck 4 is now published!

Cantonese Level A Deck 4: Negatives 1

BONUS EXTRA: Level A Deck 5 is now open for alphatesting and reviewing. Please contact me in comments for details

NEW: Course Updates

Course Update:


Sorry for the delay between Negatives 1 and Phrases. For the next few decks, you'll see lots of Negative skills (actually, if you stay tuned and if it's not too late, Negatives 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3 (or at least 1.5 and 2) should come out in the next hour or so (if I can work that fast) but I'm hoping to get through all the Negative skills today.)

By the way, Phrases graduated from beta about 15 minutes ago, so, if you find any errors, just go to the Cards and report them to me. None of them should be inappropriate, but if you do find them inappropriate, let me know.

I am opening alphatests for Negatives 1.5, so you can start signing up in the comment section below (just because I created the decks doesn't mean I would publish them)

The course layout is similar to the French course.

There should be another update within the next 4 days.

June 22, 2017



^~^ so, I hope my course is okay...


Just a question,what's Cantonese,I want to know where I can use it


Cantonese is also known as Yue Chinese, it's spoken informally in Southern China. (That means that it's used in everyday life, but they don't teach Cantonese in school(? (sorry, I've actually never known about the Chinese school system, other than that they teach fluent Mandarin in Grade 6-7. Talking about the Mainland here.

Also, Cantonese (Yue Chinese) is pretty much about 2000 years old, compared to Mandarin, which is 700-800 years old.

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