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  5. "Non è perchè sei stanco."

"Non è perchè sei stanco."

Translation:It is not because you are tired.

March 5, 2013



"perché" has acute accent.


Should "It's not why you are tired" be accepted here?


No, I don't think so. Examples:

"It's not why you are tired" = You didn't sleep much last night, but it is not the reason why you are tired.

"It is not because you are tired" = You made a mistake at work, but it is not because you are tired.

I hope that makes sense!


OK, then the why sentence would be "Non è il motivo per cui sei stanco." or "Non è per quello che sei stanco." :) Thanks portrayt.


This discussion helped me! I had the same initial thought as HarvardF.


I think so, but my understanding of English is not perfect.

Maybe you can report it and ask if "why" is a correct alternative here. :)

In case you write any report, remind them that "perché" should be written with acute accent, please. :) With grave accent, it's wrong!!!


Why are they introducing the new word "stanco" in the conjunctions section?


The drop-down menu, when perché is introduced indicates "because", "why", and "so that" as possible translations. Seems answer could be one of several.


agree. "why" is one of the given translations.


Now why is it saying "perché" is a new word? I'm pretty sure I learned this a while back.


"That is not why you are tired" seems to me a perfectly good translation of this phrase?

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