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"Have you been to foreign countries?"


June 22, 2017



What does koto mean in this sentence?


The thing. Literally, Does this thing (that you went to a foreign country) exist? Meaning Have you ever been to any foreign country?


"Have you been to a foreign country" is more accurate since the current sentence in english means "have you been to (multiple) foreign countries"


Since it's not specified in the Japanese sentence, it could be either singular or plural.


If I have been to 1 foreign country only, I should answer "No, I haven't."?


Is 行った used because this sentence is about the past?


It is like "have you ever had the experience of been in a foreign country" or just "have you ever been in a foreign country", but this form usually isn't used for daylife or commonplace situations.

[deactivated user]

    Instead of "ni" shouldn't it have been "e"


    I have heard that "(h)e" is used as "to go" but "ni" implies that you go there with some intention. I'm sure "ni" is far more common. Maybe because there's always something you're going to be doing on the other end!


    Shouldn’t it be “いた” and not “行った” since the question is “been to” and not “gone to”?


    It's a case of Japanese and English using different words to mean the same thing. To ask someone in Japanese if they have completed a visit somewhere, you ask 行ったことがありますか (itta koto ga arimasu ka). to ask someone in English if they have completed a visit somewhere, you ask "have you been to ~?"

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