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40 day streak! If only I had something to do with all these lingots.

June 22, 2017



sorry to ask, can anyone say what for these day streaks for?


It is just a way to motivate us to keep practising everyday.


You could just have fun giving them to different posts that you like.


I've got 435 lingots and I don't know what to do with them either. I seldom come onto the discussion boards. I've got my "streak freeze" in place and I'm gambling them for more lingots just for the heck of it, but I'm not that interested in timed practice so lingots really don't mean much. There used to be another option to buy a detailed language test to assess your capability but it was removed shortly after I joined up. They definitely need more options for their use. You can gift lingots to other people but then the question remains- what are THEY going to do with them?


You're rich!! You know ....you could spread your wealth and give some of it away to make someone's' day ... And then they could follow your example of kindness and it could continually be passed on and on and on and on....... But that's just an idea.


I have over 2,000 after almost 4 years of high intensity Duoing... after a while they become the best way to track your progress when you have many languages to consider :) Congratulations on your streak, though!


You could always go to the lingot store and have fun purchasing. I wish you good luck learning languages.


Congrat's! I am confident you will find a way to spend them :)


OK, are these given for practice without interruption?


They are given for meeting your daily goal each day. If you miss a day, your streak is lost. You can purchase a streak freeze from the store which will protect your streak from one day of inactivity.


i mean the day streaks


For every ten days on a streak, you get one lingot. For example, after 10 days on a streak you get one lingot; after 20 days, you get 2; after 30 days you get 3; and so on.


You can donate them to other students as a stroke.


nicely done Okapio!


Random Acts of Lingots! :)

Soon you'll be at 50 and then the ARP will be after your lingots. :D

Have fun, and congratulations.

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