Hi Folks, am keen to start the new Japanese course and got an email to say it is available but when I look it's still hatching, can anyone help?

June 22, 2017


[deactivated user]

    It's only available on iOS and Android for now Bill, it'll be on the web later this year.

    It seems to be available on the app, but not available on the website. I am not sure as to why that is, if I am being perfectly honest.

    It should normally come out on the website first, not the app...

    It needs some extra software development - this hasn't been done on the web yet.

    Same to me. When I saw this email in my client today I thought: WOW, finally I can learn at the website - but there is only an info, that it is still under developement and available for iOS and Adroid (which is the case since several weeks) I don´t know, why they sent this email. Even the mobile course is still very buggy with many issues - so they shouldn´t promote it yet.


    To get it on your mobile device you'll need to go to the Apple App store or Google Play and download the DuoLingo app (again) in order for it to update so the new Japanese language course shows up once it's updated.

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