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Duolingo Practice always starts with the easy lessons

Everytime I press the practice button, it makes me practice the early lessons. I don't get to practice the later lessons (unless I manually press on each lesson). This makes the practice not as beneficial.

I wish Doulingo could change this, so that the lessons that need most practice are practiced instead of always starting with the earliest lessons. If you agree, please like this post so that it gets Doulingo's attention. Thank you.

June 22, 2017



um then I actually like how it works because it starts from the first topic that needs practice and that is good because you know where to continue from but if you don't like it like that, I don't see what's wrong in doing it manually...im not trying to be mean or offend anyone


The first topics are always the easiest, you don't need to practice them much. Whereas the last topics are usually harder and need more practice. The problem about doing it manually is that it doesn't give you health in the mobile app.


Duolingo's algorithms don't actually directly keep track of how strong a skill is. They keep track of the strength of individual words. The strengthen skills tool doesn't choose the weakest skills, but it does choose the weakest words. Because we don't strengthen the early skills very often, they often have a small number of very weak words. After you use strengthen skills for a while, you'll start seeing words from later skills.

There's some more detail about how Duolingo keeps track of our learning here: http://making.duolingo.com/how-we-learn-how-you-learn


When I practice it has me practice the earliest lesson that isn't gold. Are your earlier lessons at a weak strength?


Same here. it makes me practice the earliest lessons that aren't gold, while the later lessons are now very weak due to this. Why doesn't it make you start practicing the weakest lessons instead of practicing the earliest lessons?


I have completed all of the Spanish lessons; all skills are gold. Now when I use the "Strengthen Skills" button on the home page, it gives me lessons that are very basic.

I need to practice my tenses! Not translate simple sentences about a cat drinking milk!


I've found that you need to give it some time before it becomes really useful. After a few practises it gets better at giving you the stuff you need to see.

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