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English talks: What about cars?

Do you like cars? What brand?

I do not know much about cars, only that they need gasoline and some kind of maintenance every 10,000 km. xD

However if you are fan of those beast on four wheels please feel free to tell me about your favourite brand, engine, whatever.

In my case I love seat brand specially Ibiza and Leon, I think they are very good cars, some expensive, well more or less but very good cars. I had one Ibiza, color black very comfortable and with it I ran sometimes up 160 kilometers just for a few minutes, and enjoyed it travling to many cities inside Mexico, it's sound was amazing inclusive with the original voices. But well that's my experiencie with cars. Well not that all, before Ibiza I had a Chevrolet Chevy, nice car comfortable, very gasoline saver, I learned how to drive in it.

Nowadays with my family I have a Chevrolet Aveo, it's enough for me (for now), I hope one day I can buy a new seat Leon, just to remember old times xD.

June 22, 2017

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Hello again....now, that was almost a perfect post, just some tiny details need a review, but they are not very important...

Well, about cars, I couldn't say too much....I still don't own one...I used to drive my father's car sometimes, a toyota corolla touring...Nice car...Never learnt anything about engine or regular maintenance, though...I guess if one day I'm able to buy a car, I would like to try a toyota rav4....they seem nice...


Almost!!! Well improving!! hehe is good to see you friend. And yes Corolla is a nice car, have a nice day and I hope to write another post in these days.


Sure, you too, have a nice day!

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