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German Conjugation?

Hey! I am learning German but I don't understand how to conjugate. Could anyone help? My biggest thing with it is: is there a method as to how to conjugate or do I just have to memorise charts?

June 22, 2017



Read the Tips and Notes on the website under the Verbs: Present 1 skill. Similar instruction is available further down the tree for other tenses. For a specific verb, select the verb under the Words tab and then hit the More Details button on the right.


[[ich - add an "e" to the end of the verb]] [[du- add an "st" to the end of the verb]] [[er / sie / es- add a "t" to the end of the verb]] [[wir- add a "n" or "en" to the end of the verb]] [[ihr- add a "t" to the end of the verb]] [[sie (they) - add "n" or "en" to the end of the verb]] [[Sie (you formal)- add "n" or "en" to the end of the verb]]

These are the present tense conjugation endings for German verbs. (You may have to add a letter or take away a letter depending on what word it is you are conjugating.)


Wow. I thought it would look nice and well set up, but apparently not. I'll fix the way it looks really quickly..


If you aren't aware already here is a post about formatting on Duolingo :)


Ah, thank you! I've been struggling to tidy up my posts lately


Kein Ding :) Yeah, I've noticed some people are unable to go back and edit their posts of late. Got something to do with the new website overhaul I suppose.


That's probably it. The update might have some holes in it still


Thanks so much! This is really helpful!


No problem! I'm glad I could help


Is there a good app /site for practising verb conjugations? Sorry to hijack the question, but I thought my question was in the same vein.


I downloaded a number of apps a few months ago to help with my German, and if nothing much has changed since then, then you have myriad apps to choose from. One I've got one my phone is called "Verb Blitz German", but by all means just look on the app store for yourself and pick the one you like best.


That's what I have been wandering too!


Please see my response to chrisphillips71's question.

Also, I thought as this is a language site you might be interested to know:

  • "to wander" means to walk off aimlessly with little sense of direction or destination

  • "to wonder" means to have a question you're unable to answer and would like answered

Hope I could help.



This website should help you out. Pop in any German verb and hit enter then click on "Wortformen" and you will be given all forms of the verb in all tenses (along with the helper verb for the past tense). Viel SpaƟ

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    I made a discussion for it

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