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What duolingo is to me- responding to hackers

Duolingo is a lot more than just a site to me. It's a community. So when someone threatens to hack duolingo, I get angry. I know you might think I'm giving the hackers what the want, but if you thumb this post up, then you agree with me- duolingo isn't a place for hackers, it's a place for learners with dedication. So thumb this comment up, and have a great day. =)

June 22, 2017



Real hackers don't threaten. They hack. Giving advance warning is contrary to their aims, as is undue attention. People who feel the need to make threats about hacking usually do so because they don't have the ability to succeed.

Attention seeking is not unique to wannabe hackers, of course.


Those were just 5 year olds pretending to be in Anonymous.


True, very true.


How do you know this? :)


Common sense, and 'The Art of War'. :)

Burglars don't inform you of a burglary before they do it. Muggers don't let you know a day in advance. Hackers don't email people with their plans.

In any attack, giving a target time to prepare reduces your chances of success. Hackers who notify their targets are bad hackers.

Also, many people who make threats do so because they are powerless to carry them out yet still wish to feel powerful.


It's similar with bomb threats: vast majority of bomb threats are fake, and vast majority of bomb attacks are unannounced. Usually a bomb threat comes from some stupid kid who has no access to any kind of explosives.


Why would anyone bother hacking Duolingo? What, exactly, would be the benefit? Oodles of useless lingots? A high, pointless level? The site doesn't really have much of value that has any use outside itself.


Email addresses and all the other details given when signing up are of immense value. As is the data used when app users make purchases.

Your email address plus your payment details = one happy hacker.


Duolingo has what's basically a throw-away email address, and I'm never going to pay it anything, so no problems there...


Well, that's you safe. However, that's not the case for many users. Most people aren't sensible enough to use disposable emails for sites like this, and plenty of people are making in-app purchases.


I'm pretty sure payment through Google or apple stores would be quite secure. I wasn't aware they take payments directly.


They can't see it normally sometimes they use a hack tool to see it.so try to stop them from doing it


Keep them away from your email


Is that possible?


Use an email address specifically for Duo. Compartmentalise risk when online.

The more emails addresses you have for all facets of your online life, the harder it is for hackers to take advantage of getting into one of them.

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