"Do you want to go watch a movie at the movie theater this Saturday?"


June 22, 2017

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It's getting really hard to remember which kanji Duolingo expects and accepts for me to know and which it doesn't.


I know right? It took me like 4 attempts...


Remember (for you or anyone else reading this) to report it if your correct answer isn't accepted!


Since it's "masen" instead of "masu", wouldn't "don't you want to go watch a movie at the movie theatre this Saturday" be more accurate?



Why is that incorrect?


Because to convey "Do you want to," you need ~ませんか or ~たいですか at the end.


Wow this course has real bad grammar.


What was wrong with this sentence? I'm beginning to think I should quit duolingo and download a different app..


Yeah some sentences are missing a "to" here and there that makes it impossible to provide a natural sentence. I can't guess bad grammar in my native language!


They really should have used kanji for 土曜日. It would be way easier to understand for beginners


I'm having a hard time remember which kanji is not yet accepted than I am remembering what kanji is. I remembered one character in this word was replaced with its hiragana, but couldn't remember which one so I typed 土曜び. Marked it wrong because it wants 土よう日. So I got it "wrong."


It's starting to seriously piss me off. Why doesn't it accept 土曜日? Is 曜 really such a hard kanji? I learnt it together with the days of the week.

Sure, it has a lot of strokes, but so what? Even if you don't teach it, at least accept it as the correct answer ffs.


How do you spell 今週 in katakana? The lesson never taught me how to say it properly

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The whole sentence was already given as answer


This exact question freezes / crashes the Android app (found in Hobby 2, Lesson 1) and it would be impossible to move onwards without this website version available.

My screenshot from Android shows the question in Japanese then the words in English below are already filled out with "Do you want to watch a movie at the" with remaining word tiles at the bottom: this, theater, movie, Saturday. On Android I'm unable to click any tile or any button and no feedback is possible. Going back or exiting exits the Android app as well.

Other comments have also noted that the question is already answered but not the freeze. My Android version is 6.0.1 on Nexus 5

Someone please let the developers know the Android app dies at this point. I can send a screenshot. Also another issue is that here in the website version I can't add any "Other" comment to the feedback! What a QA mess




Except that Duo doesn't like having kanjis for movie theatre, movie and Saturday... Evil duo!


finally remembered to use いっしょand this one decided not to use it.... -.-


「土曜日」 「どようび」いずれもincorrectになるのですが、なぜですか。


The order of words in this sentence is completely reversed when compared to English.


I answered 今週の土曜日、映画館で映画を見ませんか。and was marked wrong. I get that it might not be the best thing to teach beginners these kanji yet, but it shouldn't be marked wrong. I just started this course a few days a go to complement my Japanese classes at university and already I'm very unimpressed by it.


今週の土よう日は should also be accepted.

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