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Introducing Duolingo Labs!

Today we're launching the first big feature on the new websiteDuolingo Labs!

Duolingo Labs is a place where you can test out some experimental prototypes that we're working on here at Duolingo. You will be able to opt in to certain experiments, check out new projects, or participate in studies that help us figure out how to teach you best. Note that we will still be running A/B tests as usual that won't necessarily be in Labs, and projects can be discontinued at any point.

Labs is currently available to all website users learning a language from English. You can get there by clicking on the "Labs" tab on the top bar.

The first Labs project is ready to test today! We're excited to present Duolingo Stories - our way of bringing narrative and storytelling into language learning. Check out Steve's forum post for more info on this new project, which is geared towards more advanced learners.

Many more projects to come — stay tuned!

UPDATE: August 3 2017 Today we released our second Labs project! Check out Duolingo Events – a fun and easy way to connect with other Duolingo learners around you in real life. Learn more in Laura's forum post.

June 22, 2017



Hello DL team,

This Labs section together with Duolingo Stories is a wonderful initiative. I am looking forward the day when you will release the Stories in German for English speakers.

As just a suggestion, I would like to recommend another test project for Labs, let's call it Duolingo Shows, which will introduce some popular TV show(s) in the learned languguage. E.g. Lafer! Lichter! Lecker! in German. https://www.zdf.de/show/laferlichterlecker

If we put the copyright issues and time-consuming negotiations aside, then technically it is a very fast and simple, yet powerful learning solution. You have the interesting texts and the real human dialogues fully available already. All what is additionally needed are the subtitles corresponding exactly to the real language with all of the flaws of the actual spoken language, and the possibility to rewind and re-listen at any place in the show. If you keep it simple then it might be even easier and faster to launch Duolingo Shows in German than Duolingo Stories in German.



I am a fluent Spanish speaker... I tested out the Spanish stories (in the labs)! The dog story was HILARIOUS! Extremely well done! I believe this new Duolingo Stories platform will be of great aid to those who want to practice the context of a language more, while having fun with every unique story! I even tried out the Portuguese stories and loved it as well! Hoping they release French Stories as well! Excellent job Duolingo!


Absobloodutely fantastic.


Is DuoLingo working on anything new for the labs right now? Or are you waiting to see how the stories are going first. I would love to see more cool features soon. I'm really excited. :)


Absolutely love this idea!


Im psyched for this!


I just noticed it and I tried it. I must say I like it a lot. Now I hope it will come for other languages as well in a near future.


I would test it out if I was learning either of the languages available. I honestly miss the time when we could translate documents (I believe that was called immersion - please correct me if I'm wrong) and I'm glad to see they're possibly bringing in something similar


Yes, it was called immersion. There are a whole lot of us missing that feature, and I, too, am encouraged to see this new venture. While I understand it is experimental, it still is encouraging.


I woulk love that too!


A mi me encanta estas historias! Necesito práctica y estos me están ayudando a ser más fluido en español.


Why no stories in french?


No French because this is an experimental Labs feature, meaning we are testing a project on a small scale to see how it does before investing time and money into expanding into all the languages/platforms, etc. That is how Duolingo Labs will work, as karint mentioned above. We want to invite the community to help us try out new ideas and give you a glimpse of little projects we are working on—even if the idea is not yet fully fleshed out or available in your favorite language. :)

(I suggest questions about Stories in the Stories announcement post, so others who wonder the same thing can benefit from the answers!)


No question about Spanish since it's the most popular choice among English-speaking learners. But Portuguese, a distant 5th on the list?? French has 6 times more learners than Portuguese. Just saying :)


This is irrelevant. Maybe someone on the staff is a native speaker. Maybe there's something about Portuguese they're testing in this context. It's a lab project and, like similar projects in companies ranging from Google to Apple, it may or may not ever see the light of day beyond what you see here.


Spanish and Portuguese are really similar, it might be really easy to have them both. I hope they bring French soon. :(


If you guys could make Swedish Stories that would be a dream come true. Also, I love the work Duolingo has done to help make learning possible. Tack so mycket!


Well, so far everyone who has used Duolingo Stories pretty much loves it... so I don't see why they wouldn't work on French for it if they haven't started it already. Personally, it looks like a great tool that I would definitely use for ->French<-. I hope that the next thing on duolingo labs will have French on it, at least.


I guess it makes sense to start small and then expand if it seems to be working well.


Yeah I was exited to find French. :(


yes there should be French story's to


I like this idea, hoping for great things going forward. Good luck.


This is a very nice feature! Please add it for speakers of all languages and please add the Activity Stream replacement that you promised to the Labs.


So grateful for Duolingo. I roll with the changes. Change is part of life. Love the labs.


I have an idea. You guys at DuoLingo should make a tab that allows you to suggest an idea for the labs. That way you wouldn't have to think of as many things, and you could figure out what the users want.


I'm sad that it's not available in French right now, so I can't participate.


I loved the idea of opening new experiments for the community to try! At least from my point of view, the Labs have the potential to become an exciting and engaging new dimension of Duo. Thank you for the effort put into it!


I really like this stories lab. A great way for reading/listening comprehension. Hope it shows up for French soon. I agree with a earlier post that the labeling is very clear which makes it easier to find and use.


As a daily user of English-Portuguese lessons I found it very thrilling to see some new features. For one such as me who never got to try immersion, it is nice to try something different. Great work, keep it up :)


My Spanish is not my strong point, it is sure and I am struggling hard with the Spanish Grammar tenses. But it was one of my best and pleasant surprises I had got today! A new button on the menu! Something that upgrades Duolingo to a full framework for language learning: reading, listening and speaking (I would like more about speaking, but ... anyway). I would like some more Grammar tips to connect with the words used in these stories, for deeper studying. It is surely difficult for a beginner. But I am not complaining, I hope I will be fluent enough in the future to understand all the words of the stories without hovering all the time.

*I don't know who is speaking in these stories, I would prefer a more melodic voice, Spanish is one of the most melodic languages after all.


I think the woman who speaks this has an awesome voice!


It is not important anyway. I am just wondering about the accent. Any native speaker to inform us?


I just discovered this lab, and it was a lot of fun, in addition to being a little challenging. I like this idea, and hope to see it grow.


Duolingo stories are awesome!


Please study ways of learning noun gender in gendered languages; I would like to be able to color code nouns. Please note that gender of the same noun is different in different languages. For example, if you are familiar with Romance languages, Germanic languages are different.


The lab is a great addon for a lot of reasons.

// You get new user input because it evokes ideas in itself and it could be a future "playground" for community ideas. I myself thought in a short time about new ideas: (if you like it or not is another thing - but I had a brainstorming) games like "find the toy/person etc. on the pictures" (and divers questions about the picture) mini- detective story (short story, 1-3 pictures, why was he lying?" game like "place the mug on TOP of the table" (drag+drop)(prepositions) jumbled words (put letters into order) short scientific article. answer questions. short Bible story. *** short traveler situation from person of the forum, which has been adapted to learn certain words

// Also, it gives hope that there are interesting movements in the future on this website. Great job so far with the stories! I would be keen to add own stories like that. (german or english)


Remove the profile stream, but add a labs option... fair swap? Not in my opinion. I'd rather have the 'chat' function back.


Sounds great, looking forward to German labs being released. Any idea on when that may be?


I really hope it also comes for other languages.


Bug report: When each line finishes reading, you can hear the first part of the first word of the next line in the story before hitting enter to actually listen to the whole thing. In other words, the speech pauses after the next speech segment begins, at least for the first story in Spanish.


Update, update, update!

Our second Labs project just launched! Check out Duolingo Events and read more about the project in my forum post here.


I am not learning Spanish or Portugese. As these are the only two languages that are in Duolingo Stories, why am I getting this feature? Just curious, thanks for answers.


Please read my reply to pollyperki =]


Just wanted to say that I love your username and picture. Skillet is my favorite band :)


Unless you expect a couple of new Labs projects a week, I don't think you should be putting a link on the toolbar - if I check this out every few days for a week or two, and there isn't any new content, you will have trained me not to waste time clicking in the Labs link.

That will be doubly true if there is new content occasionally, but only for the "big" languages like Spanish and French.

[deactivated user]

    I can't wait to see the projects that come from this!

    Éu non put atendarh à vidarh els proxhects qe irh dað acest!


    Genuinely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I really enjoyed going through my first Spanish lab. This is a great idea. I plan on doing more.


    Great addition to duoLingo content--hoping more and more things like it (and different from it!) keep getting added.


    Yay! I just have question: IS immersion gonna make a big comeback?


    Labs are sweet! I'm digging the stories. Being able to look at definitions while observing conversations is super helpful.


    Where is the best place to leave suggestions and ideas about the labs experience?


    Hi jbm345! For now, please leave them in this conversation, as we are actively monitoring feedback left here. Consider also voting for suggestions already made in this thread! If you find bugs, please post them in the troubleshooting forum. Thank you =]



    I wanted to suggest that the options in the ovals be numbered and set so we could use the keyboard number instead of having to use the mouse and get the pointer on the arrow. It would speed up our ability to respond.


    The stories are just great! Funny and interesting. But since there was a warning they could be remover at any time I had do them all at once and now that was a pity.


    We are waiting for new features!


    I wish there were stories in Frech for beginers and also in English. Thanks!


    Yes this is awesome. I can't wait for future additions. I used yabla/fluencia/notesinspanish to make up for what duolingo lacked for intermediate users. I went through one of the spanish stories. There was a bug on a few of the questions. I'm excited for when it is out of beta and I can use it for other languages i plan to learn. :)


    I just finished the last Spanish story.
    I can't say enough positive things about this new project, my only complaints are that I've run out of Spanish stories, and that there are no Italian or French ones.


    Good morning! I have already finish the portugues lessons and the labs... how can I practice more? I can't see any other section... thank you for your help!


    When it comes to learning a language(especially if you are on the intermediate or advanced category) I always suggest watching tv/movies in that new language! PLUS add subtitles in that language as well. There are also additional resources you can find with a simple Google search! Duolingo is adding new features but as of now you should probably search for outer sources!


    Marlene in Spanish anyway they begin introducing new words and harder constructions after you finish the tree. The tree is just the first run-through! Going onward if you just pick strengthening every time, you will be pushed higher and higher. i finished my tree at about 8000 xp, thereabouts. Level 25 is 30,000 xp, and it is learning learning every single day.


    It's always good to see improvement and changes to duolingo,it definitly got me reinterested in this app and I am very appreciative to the duolingo community.


    I'm glad this was added. It's nice to add vocabulary and learn in different ways.


    I love Duolingo Labs, I did every story in Spanish. I am so into it that I'm gonna try learning Portugese just for the stories. I would love it if they added more language though, which I know they will do soon :)


    I enjoy the labs and the stories are cute. I just wish completing a lab counted as a continuous day of Duolingo exercises.


    I also did not get a feedback box when I did this on Chrome on my Mac laptop. I thought the story was fun! When I had an iPhone 4 I enjoyed the dialogues, which do not appear now on my Galaxy 7. It's nice to see how my comprehension is coming along. That said, having studied Spanish for five years in school más, más años pasados, my comprehension of Spanish has long been better than my generation of Spanish. Someone else suggested XP for working the stories, and I agree. BTW thanks for getting me off Facebook when I'm waiting for bus or airplane, appointment, etc....


    Just tried one lab and liked it a lot. Now my husband will want to try. GREAT!


    I'm excited about stories in new languages to come out! (specifically Russian)


    I have checked the Duolingo stories. I could see them in Spanish and Portuguese. My mother tongue is Portuguese and I have basic knowledge of Spanish. I worked on the same story on both languages and noticed an inconsistency. In Spanish the male character is surprised to see a dalmatian on the window and the follow-up prompt refers to PERRO (dog in Spanish). In the Portuguese text the follow-up exercise uses the word DÁLMATA instead of CACHORRO (dog in Portuguese). Therefore, in my opinion, the learning outcomes are different. Not as much of a problem as my next point. The male character says in Portuguese "ME DESCULPA". In itself is not incorrect. The word DESCULPA (2nd person singular - TU) is imperative of the verb DESCULPAR. However, the whole text uses the 3rd person of the singular (VOCÊ) so the correct statement should have been "ME DESCULPE". I think this is a good initiative because it scrambles the prompts learned in the language trees. It forces the contextual understanding rather than only memorization. The combination of the two, instead of solely the tree, is beneficial. I'm looking forward to this being scaled up. Thank you.


    I am very excited over the Duolingo labs. I have been studying Hungarian and while I don't speak much I am starting to understand it a little. I went to a Hungarian festival and while I didn't try to speak I did listen and sometimes I could answer back in my head.


    Duolingo Stories under the Labs category are just fantastic. I have done each of the stories in Spanish. Each one made me laugh. Thanks so much. Also, I did learn new vocabulary, and it helped me practice hearing conversations. I especially love the voice actors. I believe there were three - a woman, a man, and a young girl. Each did a great job and provided humor and intonation that went well with the story. Thanks to them also. Please keep these going.

    However, I still hope that the "Progress Test" is brought back.


    I 100% quote what Junio said. The stories were simple, funny and witty enough to make them lovely and the voice actors, man, they were f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s. Great timbre, intonation and interpretation, especially in regards to the male voice actor!


    hi there! i clicked on the Labs tab and i found stories available only in spanish and portuguese. i am currently studying italian and i would love the opportunity of reading short stories in italian for more practice. is this in the future plans?


    Will labs ever be available to speakers of other languages?




    It was great to wait for this

    The audio with the words

    Is impressive, and lovely

    gracias ...




    Typos are great

    they kind of prove that

    I am not a robot ...

    Thank you for the correction


    all the best




    LOL "They prove that i'm not a robot"


    This is great, can't wait for the next project


    Having a separate, clearly labelled area of the website for this is a great move! That makes managing our (high!) expectations much easier... ;-)

    Also, the Stories look like a great project, but I'm repeating myself from Steve's thread here.

    Thank you -- for the new material to study with, and for letting us know!


    Since the removal of activity and immersion, a lot of users have been patiently waiting for new features to come, possible replacements for these features. The recent feature, Duolingo Labs, has brought a motivation for users to stay. It's marvelous to see this come, and it's very wise to have a section including ways for users to test diverse projects. Thanks a lot for the communication; it's great to see new features coming on Duolingo!


    It's really helped me learn more Spanish,and I can't wait for more thing to go in labs this is going to be A very much better site soon . I think labs is a great idea and something worth using ... a lot!


    so is the removal of Activity why we can't chat back and forth with other users on our timeline?


    I really enjoy going through these stories, most are indeed funny, they made me smile (especially at the end :).

    The features look like an improved version of another learning site features (Memrise). However, in here (Duolingo) we can actually hear a fluent dialogue taking place! while taking time to evaluate our understanding of what's going on when we answer the questions. The fact that there is a continuity and connection provided by the story makes it indeed compelling to go through all of it at once.

    I'd just suggest a couple of minor improvements:

    1. add more words to fill in the blanks (uncommon words are a bonus, since we'll feel we achieved more by getting them right only by the pronunciation);
    2. add punctuation and words with and without accents to the exercise where we select individual words to form a phrase (a bonus as well: since we rarely practice punctuation, this would allow us, for example, to distinguish similar words with different meanings or questions from exclamations!).

    I found in another discussion the Tinycards, also an interesting learning and teaching method where people can create their own exercises. After a good time for getting accustomed to the Stories, I believe more will be interested if these Tinycards are added to the Labs.


    TugaDances, thank you for sharing your ideas! Please consider leaving Duolingo Stories feedback on the Duolingo Stories post to help us keep track of all suggestions related to Stories! =]


    Just chiming in to say that I absolutely loved the stories. A lot of people seem to be really enjoying those, many asked for more languages to be implemented. Being italian mothertongue I'd be down to help you translate the 10 stories available if you guys would give me the chance (: let me know if you want me to help you.

    edit: since we lack chat functionality here on Duolingo I decided to create a Discord server for anyone interested in testing their language skills either by chatting or talking to others. I'll leave the link here --> https://discord.gg/nu83Esp


    If things like this happens how about some one (like a moderator) leaves a msg that the post has been moved to a more appropriate posting category, personally I struggle to get there or even fully understand it, usually when I try I see something like "english or something spanish I think and that's it.)


    I could not agree more!


    Thank you Griffinpon and Lento_Rodriguez.


    Your streak is so high!


    Congratulations on your 900 day streak!

    [deactivated user]

      It really is incredible


      I just did the first story, but I enjoyed it. A nice addition to the Duolingo experience.


      Maybe one day we could watch videos (like movie trailers or youtube videos) with user generated subtitles and answer questions about the video you just saw. Maybe it's hard to code but it would be awesome! Hopefully the next lab thing! Oh and the stories are awesome!


      That is definitely an awesome suggestion! My French professor back in college used to that for us (make his own subtitles on youtube videos) and that did help with comprehension.


      I love the labs and the stories but when I go to stories on my iPhone the "try it out" button is hidden by the menu. I can still hit it but it's hidden. Just thought you'd like to know.

      Also, it's hard to get to discussions on the iphone now, when I click "request desktop site" in safari all it does is burn my biscuits.


      Well the Duolingo app is a little bit more limited. I had problems similar to you sometimes and figured out later that the app has less features.
      P.S. hope this helps


      Ah yes, the app is more limited. I wasn't very clear but I was speaking of the mobile site.

      I deleted the app because I read that it would take my lingots and turn them into gems. All my lingots were given to me for a particular purpose and I'd feel guilty if I let them get taken.

      I like the website better anyway, it's more challenging.


      Duolingo stories seems amazing, it shows great promise. Hope it comes out in more languages soon :)


      I am a bit confused. When I go on labs, I can only practice using Portuguese and Spanish. My learning language is French. When i checked my learning language in settings, it also said that my learning language is French. This is not a complaint, but a question; is this supposed to happen?


      Sorry, i just read the Duolingo Stories update. I understand that this is just an experiment. Another quick question, though. If Stories/labs is not successful in its goals, will it be removed, and will the Duolingo team still add other languages such as French (a.k.a my learning language)?



      I like the Duolingo stories, but why don't they have it for French? French is more popular than every other language except for Spanish.


      The lab is available only for Spanish and Portuguese languages! What about French and other languages?


      I want French Stories so bad! I have no one around me who speaks fluent French, so I haven't been able to listen to French and see what I can understand from it. The stories look so cool, but I haven't even started Spanish, and I have only done two lessons on Portuguese.


      Yeah, I checked it too, but I couldn't continue because I don't know these two languages. Anyway, it looks amazing! Hope it gets available in French too.


      Is there a way to see these replies and posts in chronological order starting with most recent? Or pick the order? I get these emails and seems to see quite a lot of older stuff...?


      Here I go again, I got an email telling me about a reply or something about my post, then clicked on view the discussion link ... then I pretty much end up here at the beginning of this discussion. Where am I supposed to see the answer...I just tried again and saw my last post towards the end with no answer to it, I guess the email was about other replies or posts.
      I'm slowly getting there!


      just had the same happen to me.


      Why are Duolingo stories only available in Spanish and Portuguese? Please add French to the list too! :)


      Stories in only two languages is not very helpful.


      When everyone likes stories, and duolingo doesn't add more languages to them, that is not that helpful. Your reply is so sassy, and i love it.


      This is great. But when are they going to bring back the ability to communicate with people who friend you? This is how many of my issues with languages are resolved. Can you explain what is the benefit to following anyone when you can't communicate with them.


      I love the Duolingo stories ! It's the perfect way to continu learning when we are a bit bored by the lesson I wanted to show you my support I hope there will be italian stories soon !


      As a bonus round: It would be nice to have a story at the end of each learn level of the tree using the material we've just studied
      I truly enjoy these stories, they are not only interesting, but out the box, and very funny. I hope this project continues but with more options to us to interact with it.


      Muchas gracias! Que divertite!


      Me gusto mucho!


      This sounds fun! I can't wait to try it!


      Duolingo labs are the most exciting feature I've ever imagined to come after the removal of the immersion and activity streams :)

      I thank Duolingo gratefully and I will wait for another new fantastic features.

      I'll wait for new stories in new languages.

      But, I have a question : Are they only for Spanish and Portuguese?


      Yes, at the moment, but Duolingo will expand it to other languages if they feel that Stories is a good addition. See this: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23601543


      French would be great. It would help me improve my comprehension. Can't wait for it to come along. Will it be long before we get French ?


      I couldn't agree more that this is an amazing idea, I am still sad that they don't have german yet ),:


      Gracias Duolingo! Acabo de ver la nueva elección "LABS" y las historias. Me gusta su trabajo y alegro de leer todas las historias. Me gustan tus nuevas ideas y espero varias nuevas ideas en el futuro


      That's amazing!


      Will the labs ever come in german so people learning german can do them?


      See this comment from vivisaurus, who stated that they're testing the project on a small scale right now to see how effective it is before they expand it onto other platforms and languages. This is how the Labs section will work; users are given the privilege to get a glimpse of some of the projects that the staff is working on currently.


      What a great idea. Tried the first one, 2 stars out of three wasn't too bad. Had I read that one about the sitting more carefully, I should have gotten the gist.


      On my computer I am only seeing Spanish and Portuguese story options. When will other languages come out? When I took Spanish we wrote imperfect verb books about healthy habits and I learned so much. Now, I'm studying Italian and I would love to use this, is there Italian? If not make it soon!!


      Me too. Only Spanish and Portuguese. I got excited and was disappointed.


      I hope it eventually includes svenska


      Totally copied from Google - totally not a bad thing :D


      I am fairly new to Duolingo, but this definitely sounds interesting and helpful. Will try it out soon.



      will the labs come available on mobile app too ?


      I clicked on a story and all I get is the title text and pronunciation. Nothing else to click on, nothing else happens. Am I missing something obvious?


      Just found this feature. I love it.


      I am so excited for the French version!! I cannot wait for that one to come because I definitely need the immersion since I don't have much help on retaining the language where I live. Merci beaucoup!!


      This is amasing news. Thanks Duo (I thought this came out ages ago as I havent been on Duolingo in a whole week XD)


      It sound fun! I'll have to try it out.


      Why aren't there any bots (the ones where you practice texting in spanish) on the website, but it is on the app??


      This is a perfect addition! It looks like a lot of fun, and it really helps to encounter a language in context. The properly recorded dialogue is a real bonus and would be especially welcome for languages with tricky accents. I can't wait for this to be rolled out in Danish!


      No learning-from-English stories... and Words have also disappeared. I liked the word flipcards, though I admit I did not use them much, because they did not count for XP.


      Yes, I like the Labs but I am not going to do them at priority because I don't get xp. I am furiously working toward level 25. I know this is stupid. But they asked for feedback and there it is. Love those labs, but they are low priority after 100 xp daily.


      You are driven! My sights are set on a mere 10 XP a day. My enthusiasms tend to burn out, so I'm taking it slow.


      its only in spanish and portugese why not in french

      • 1898

      Really looking forward to the French lab !!


      Labs are a very nice addition! Keeps things interesting for me!


      I will love this!


      I don't know if this is the best place for suggesting new experiments but I'll throw this idea out there anyway.

      This may be a great opportunity to test out something like Book Clubs! Once the activity stream replacement and forum improvements have been implemented, I think it would be a great idea to make something like Duolingo Book Clubs in the Labs section. Here's how I envision it working:

      As per usual it's organised by language. It's a forum structure that allows users to create discussions specifically for discussing books or parts of books in their target language. I also think it would be a good idea to have "master" threads for each book to keep clutter down. Now here's where it gets interesting. We can have course contributors pick out monthly a book for students to read and discuss about (maybe even create a 'schedule' of sorts so people discuss the book at a certain pace and others don't get spoiled; of course they can still read ahead. Maybe they should be able to make smaller threads specifically for discussing parts of the book that haven't been reached on the schedule. They should include a [Spoiler] tag in the title and also the chapter(s) being discussed).

      Oh, and in these forums you'll only "be allowed" (since I don't think enforcing this would be a good idea, it's just a heavy suggestion) to discuss using your target language.

      Perhaps make it so that if someone wants to suggest a book read so it gets its own thread they have to submit a request request to do so instead of just being able to make a book thread from the get go. There should be guidelines for the kinds of books recommended I guess, but not too strict of course.

      I think this would be a great learning tool for intermediate to advanced learners since one of the most common things we do once we've finished a tree here is to begin reading and listening to things in our target language. It would be amazing to undertake such a task with the many others that have elected to learn the same language(s) as you. I just think there's no good way to implement this right now and it needs its own section of the site to keep things nicely organised.


      I love this idea! I am struggling with Teresa of Avila and would love to meet others doing the same.


      I would love to see a book club! I've been meaning to start tackling novels in French and could use some motivation... ;-) Although I believe there used to be a book club in the forum where people read the book in English (or other preferred language) and just had the discussion in the target language. That makes sense, because foreign-language editions of books are not always readily available. People can always choose to read in their target language if they they feel up to it and can find the book.

      It would be great writing practice, which is what I need right now. I wonder if there would be 'mentors' available in the discussions to help correct grammar?


      Oh please. I can't wait for something like this. Allowing multiple languages, of course.


      I wish there would be stories for French learners


      Will German be a language we can soon get in 'Duolingo Stories'?


      Thanks, I now have restored my faith in Duo after the horrendous losses.


      That is a great Idea ............................. I couldn´t agree more .......................... good luck ............. all the best-thalia


      Looks very exciting. Would be nice to be notified if a particular language becomes available.


      Is this only available for Spanish at the moment?


      Thanks I look forward to trying it out.


      thank u for shearing your ideas


      i will check it out


      wat zeg jij nou weer


      So you said, "What do you say again". I'm cheating using Google translate, but I'm wondering what you're asking.

      Dus je zei: 'Wat zeg je nog eens'. Ik ben bedriegen met Google translate, maar ik vraag me af wat je vraagt.


      I would like to suggest a "notebook" feature where I could see, and then type a complicated word and it's meaning and have that word go into a nootbook to form a dictionary of the words I find most difficult


      I kept a file like that on my computer ("Russian words and expressions" or something) when the Russian course felt as it hardest.


      Is the Lab in English?


      But the Lab is only available in Spanish and Portuguese! Both of them are the language i don't know!


      Do we have German or French stories too?


      merveilleux ( awesome in french)


      I love the stories. More please


      if you have a apple iPad you can get the duolingo app and than there are story's in other languages.


      Just had a little look at the Spanish short story lab. I think that this kind of learning material could be very useful indeed. Thank you for providing these learning materials.


      Will there be a LAB for those learning french?


      The 'Stories' functionality looks brilliant! Unfortunately I cannot try it out as I am not learning Spanish or Portugues yet, but very interesting.


      Thanks! That's great! I have a lingot! : )


      Was excited to see that I was chosen to be part of the beta testing for the Labs. However, I see that they were only available in Spanish and Portuguese, neither of which I am signed up to learn. Perhaps since you have decided to only beta test these two languages you might be better off limiting the beta testers to those people who are learning either of those two languages. When you have some in French I would be more than happy to provide feedback. Looking forward to more learning opportunities.


      I really enjoyed the new Duolingo stories. I think this is a great way to introduce people to the concept of reading in different languages whilst developing an ear for how different words sound. I added a suggestion to the feed with regards to adding illustrations to the stories to cement the knowledge into the reader's brain. I find that images are a powerful way to remember vocab and I often search for Spanish words via Google images when learning.


      Fascinating! I hope someone creates a Lab to make custom sentences for the TTS to read. I know not all languages' TTS voices are all that terribly accurate, but I know at least the Swedish one is [which was actually a big deal since the original one was terrible ^_^]. I'd love to be able to think, "Oh, how does this sound in [insert favorite language here]?" and hear the whole thing strung together. It'd be a huge help for advanced users.


      Looking forward to labs in French.


      Three stars aren't working. Without 3 stars, can't move on to the next set of conversations.


      When are Clubs and Bots coming to the computer?


      i really like this website, so i'm not trying to be a troll or a complainer, i just care about wanting it to be even better. so this is what my initial impression is about the stories:

      why don't we get experience points for doing the stories? how does it influence our stats? i've only done one story, and while i can tell that they will be fairly entertaining, and are really well made, i don't like that it doesn't seem to influence anything in my learning progression. there are some really good suggestions here for how to make the stories themselves better, but i feel like they are completely separate from the main learning portion as i don't know if you can get lingots, or maintain your streak, or improve vocabulary, or improve my "fluency" percentage. ultimately i understand that it's more important to just understand the stories, but i still feel that there should be more tangible rewards for going through them, especially for advanced speakers. and if i'm wrong about this, and they are connected, i am sure there are a decent amount of other people who are also under the same impression as i am, and would benefit from your response.

      thank you :)


      Why are the lab stories only in two languages? Do they change to other languages? I'm new to Labs


      my thought exactly!!


      I love the Spanish stories!


      Duolingo stories are great! I am into the second set of Spanish stories and they remain terrific! The lost snake story was FUNNY! As are most. I am still feeling bad about the burglary story though! Poor Sandra and Pedro! Boo! to the robber. :)

      My girlfriend has been having a hard time keeping up with Duolingo lessons but she keeps talking about the house sitting disaster story that we read together.

      More stories, please!! The voices are terrific and the stories are just fun to do. I like being able to explore the words by clicking on them. I am learning a lot more than is covered by the questions.

      I have to ration myself to one story a day!


      Me, too. It gives me something to really look forward to, in addition.


      I love the stories! They are funny and brighten my day! If (more likely once) more languages will be added, what kinds of other labs will you be working on?


      The Labs are really helping me advance my listening skills/ Keep them coming.


      Thank you so much for this new addition to Duolingo, it immensely improves the app!


      I finished the Spanish stories, and I really liked them.


      A project in which it may be successful is a thank you


      I liked the idea of stories so much but why the stories are only in Spanish? I wish Duolingo add stories in other languages


      Will clubs be added in Labs?


      I once visited a page about hiring writers for making interesting situations and write stories for Duolingo Lab's other languages. I was quite exciting about it and I came up with few stories over the monthes but now that I want to submit them I no longer can find the URL. I wonder if you know what happened to it and if still there is a chance I can apply for the position. Thank you


      the listening lab only let me do two in Spanish. Can I continue and do more? Also are there stories for Norwegian?


      Thanks for the new lab!


      I really like these new Duolingo Stories! Keep them coming. I like that they are challenging and if I come across a word I am not sure the meaning of I can highlight it. I also like that we can hear fluent dialogue taking place.


      Awesome contribution


      I like the Stories feature, but I already speak Spanish pretty well. I'd like to see Stories in Irish, a language for which I have not been able to find much beginner-level reading material. Irish news sites put Irish content behind a paywall, and make English content available for free. Thanks!


      Are you just doing Spanish or will you do different Languages.


      Wow you got 97 lingots! Here are three for you to make it hundred!


      like if you like DUOLINGO


      What is the point of following anyone if you cannot communicate with them directly, as we were able to do in the last version of DuoLingo?


      I, too, wonder how to use the following aspect of this program. I know we can follow and be followed, but for what purpose?


      I think DuoLingo is well worth the price. I have used the Rosetta Stone, which was pricey at the time, before coming to DuoLingo. After going through the DuoLingo Tree, I find RStone very difficult to work with. It is too time consuming. I am now also going through the Memrise course. It too is priced fairly, free. Each course teaches you a little something different which expands your vocabulary and you might find something that you learn along the way with different courses. I learn quickly with Synergy Spanish, which you have to pay for. My Spanish is much better since I started with DuoLingo. Anytime I had an issue I was uncertain about, the friends community was always there to help. I have several people on the friends list that are linguist. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, you cannot contact your contacts anymore. That is what has helped moved my Spanish forward, explanations from the friends list.


      Great! I hope all you members have fun with this. I'm sure it will be great! Sounds pretty exciting!




      That sounds REALLY cool!

      I will try that!

      Thanks Duolingo!!! You guys are the best!


      I would love to see Polish stories! <3


      Hi. I've read the stories of the first Group, but for some reason the system does not acknowlege it so I cannot move to the second Group. Please help.


      I don't know if this is the case for you, but I had a similar thing happen and it was because on one of the lessons I hadn't gotten enough of the answers right to get three stars. All I had to do was redo that lesson and correct my mistakes and then the next set was unlocked. Hope that helps.


      I don't see the tab "Lab" on my home page. Are you aware about any problem or setup of the browser? Thanks in advance for any support Paolo


      I think you have to switch to a course that is taught from English to see the labs.


      Thanks for your answer, but can you explain better, please? I'm following an English course, so I expected to see the tab. Cheers. Paolo


      It doesn't work for English courses yet, you have to change to another course.


      I tried stories but they are only in Spanish and Portugese and I am doing Italian.


      Duolingo stories are wonderful! This is a great way to practice Spanish. I'm going to try doing a story a day.


      Glad you like it! :)


      I love the stories, they are funny and include common expressions and informal speech that are important in language learning. More please :)


      For Portuguese, could we have people speak from Rio or other parts of brazil? I mostly hear a paulista form w/ the curled R, I'd love to hear other accents

      [deactivated user]

        I think the labs are useful. I would like to see where we can get the stories from the labs that we want be put in the lingo store. That way we can spend our lingots on something that we can practice with. I have a lot of ingots and want to be able to use them. I like the fact that we can use labs to practice hearing the language. I do want to be able to pick and keep the stories that I like and delete any stories that I don't like


        I just discovered the Duolingo stories (had been off the desktop version for a while) and I LOVE them! Please offer soon more languages (specifically French). Thanks!

        [deactivated user]

          For Duolingo stories, could you add English and French near the future? I could help a little with French but I am still learning myself. I am very fluent in English though and I write stories all the time. If I can, may I be apart of the making of Duolingo stories?


          Stories in Spanish are great. I hope to be soon able to read some in German and Italian. I hope Stories in French will not be forgetten ! Tanks for that.


          Just wanted to say thanks for the stories, I really enjoy them! I'm trying hard not to do all of them at once, so I have something to look forward to. They're awesome, thank you and please make more of them!

          • 1112

          please release more labs, they are fun


          Are you going to put up French Duolingo stories? That'd be awesome!! I feel like I am almost ready to do those but there are none for French. :( Please put some up soon!


          Please add German stories! Bitte deutsche Geschichten hinzufügen.


          Please add Italian to Duolingo stories next!


          Would like to see German labs!


          I love duolingo stories so much!! I'm on my second story and they're hilarious!! ("au camping"... c'etait tres drôle, it's very funny) Great for comprehension without translating too much into english, great for immersion. Huge thanks to the people who spent their time working on the stories for us/working out glitches and making the story labs so great!! I'm enjoying the stories alot! :D

          • 723

          Are there any Duolingo events in Pittsburgh?


          So happy you have added French stories and I am hoping for Italian soon. Question, why do the points I earn for French stories appear in my Italian points total?


          It is great! It's a pity it is only for english speakers, because stories in french could be great as well for other users, as they have all the words in french, so knowing english is not necessary.


          The labs for German are great, I learned German long ago and doing a basic course was not of interest to me. But labs help me recall so much...I hope that Irish labs happen some day...


          LOVE the stories, great practice with conversational French and with reading comprehension!


          How can i open the Labs in mobile? is t possible or not?


          I can not acess the part 2 in spanish of the capitol 2 story. I tried several times but now it's frozen , I can not go to any other story! What can I do?


          A great concept. Shame it isn't available on the app itself though :(


          It would be great if you guys add this feature to the app itself instead of just the website


          i can't see this feautures


          It is only for students of: spanish, french, german or portuguese from english.


          i' m an Italian student that want learn english. Can't i use it?


          It's on beta fase so far. So there is not available on english yet. Only the four languages I told you before for english speakers.


          i do not have this option, how to get it


          it's only for those who are learning from english. You only have to choose the spanish tree for english speakers.


          Hello - I'm learning Portuguese & Indonesian. Have noticed Lab and Shop offerings are only available for Portuguese, but not Indonesian. Why is this? Thank you.


          Can you make something that suit younger or less experienced members?

          [deactivated user]

            I like most of the stories and would like to see where we can pick and choose the type of stories that we like individually. I noticed that Duolingo still says that it is testing this project. I feel that they should know that it is successful by now after the stories have been given for a few years now. I would like to see more stories added and put a list of stories of the types that we would like to practice with such as comedy, romance, hunor, history, etc.


            I love love love the stories. The only problem is once I complete them it doesn’t show I have so I can t go on. Possibly a new product and working the bugs out.


            Great idea with Stories topic . it lacks one pick , green sign once you've finish (may be with good level ) someone. Thanks for your eforts


            Is Labs no longer available?


            I can not get new lessons or stories, I am stuck and on level Emerald, help


            I am at the second level on the Duo Lingo stories in Spanish Course. Even when I finish a set I can't move to next set as the stories are shown as not completed. I tried this several time but I have to repeat the same stories again and again and I cannot move to stories on next set.


            Hi, not sure if my experience is the same. I thought I was not moving on but then I realized that it isn’t clear when you have finished the stories, the red ones are the new ones, the full colour ones are done. I was very frustrated until I figured it out


            No puedo tener labstory espanol, por que?


            Could we please have some Esperanto stories?


            Spanish question.Can You help us with the following explanations. First when do use ,al Or a la. Second when do used versus de. De versus del. third how do you know when to use an a in Front of ti, mi etc. like the verb encanta. all verbs do not use this, like quiero vivo combo etc


            Great initiative, and I do like the new stories!

            I would suggest adding to the labs a new experiment of a tool which would enable users to translate texts from the web with the cooperation of other users of the community.

            Everybody would be able to upload a document by entering a URL of a web page, decide the target language for the translation and start translating immediately. If a sentence is wrong, another user from the community can propose his or her translation and maybe add some comments to explain the correction.

            I think it would be a great way to learn. :) I just expect there may be some occasional fights about what the correct translation of a sentence would be. However, I feel that, with some guidelines, common sense, and cooperative spirit, things may work out. :)


            I have been to a site where the whole text is translated, sentences by sentences. It is very good yet surely there are alternatives to the translation (as ever) but personally I'd prefer reliable translation to start with then if we want to (play) with it and see what people can come up with it could be interesting....However learners need correct answer and in my view the sooner the better.


            Hi I'm fairly new here and a little confused about the lab. As far as I have experienced I only found the stories in that lab! Is there something else? I went through the 2 sets of stories which I enjoyed thoroughly. I find it easy to comprehend but would be very challenged to reverse the process that is having to say/write in Spanish a story in English. of course for the obvious reason that there are many ways to say the same thing. Yet technically I still would not make it I would have to fill what I don't know either in my native language French or English that I used for a period nearly three times longer (yet not natural at it, although quite fluent as you can see) But Spanish has funny quirks almost as challenging as prepositions in English like putting "a" in front of many nouns in a sentence.... I'd wish more translation was available for any texts. Nonetheless this is an amazing site.


            eres tu un primo de mi caballo que se llama 'hoof hearted'?


            WINGS OF FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!


            Finally the first right decision made by Duo!


            I find a little bit ungrateful to define it the first right decision. Even thou some recent decisions have been quite unpopular, there have been others that have been pretty good in the past. Even just the fact of having a community like this with free courses is already something that deserves appreciation. :)


            Well said, yes in anything there are progress and changes to be made but definitely this site is great with plenty of positive aspect of it and yes free. Por cierto we all have a wish list nothing wrong with that but let's try to be fair :)


            Finally the first right decision made by Duo? Really? How about the decision to provide the world with this service in the first place? And what of the decisions to include now lamented features such as Immersion and the Activity Stream in the first place? We can all despair of the decisions to eliminate those features, but frankly, the constant, petty grousing at Luis and his team is getting a little long in the tooth.


            You're right. I wish Duolingo would bring back Activity Streams and Immersion and add Arabic and Chinese courses.


            I think so too.


            I agree that removing Activity Streams and Immersion was not a good decision, but I can argue that bringing in Stories is not the first right decision made by Duo. They have made great decisions in the past, including creating this site where we can take free courses to learn languages. If you think that creating Duolingo was not a good decision, then I suggest you stay off it. Duolingo is receiving a lot of hate for eliminating Activity Streams and Immersion, and everyone is forgetting to appreciate the creation of these features in the first place. creating a website is NOT easy.


            Was there ever an explanation provided for why they were removed? I am sorry I missed them. I will say this in case anyone is interested. As a new member I am finding one large difficulty. I don't always want to do exercises, but I don't necessarily want to stop working/being involved in the language. I checked out the cards, and I can't see ANY difference between doing the cards and doing the exercises. I was hoping for stories in French but there are none. I think simple videos of daily conversations would be wonderful as well. I'm not interested really in telling anyone how to run their site, but I am noticing that I get burned out before I should because it seems there is really only one thing you can do here. Over, and over, and over. ;)


            I can agree, I wasn't active for almost a year because there wasn't much to do.


            and I think they should be working on all languages.


            Your comment is so meaningful because I can completely relate with how we do the same things over and over again. I'm generally getting so annoyed of redoing lessons that I clearly don't need work on, and now I don't even work on the non-golden lessons.

            Stories for French would be extremely helpful, but I don't get why Duolingo would try more things on Portuguese and Spanish Stories first; we all love stories, and we all agree that it'd help us get better at communication, so they should be working on French Stories.


            As a newbie to Duolingo I would agree, that starting a website with these features is not easy!!! My suggestion; give credit when deserved and adjust to changes.


            I have to give these Duolingo folks credit too. I know a lot of time was put in to create this and get it out there for no charge. I don't mind the repeats as it's tough for me to get it...I need to repeat and so I do.

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