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Introducing Duolingo Labs!

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Today we're launching the first big feature on the new websiteDuolingo Labs!

Duolingo Labs is a place where you can test out some experimental prototypes that we're working on here at Duolingo. You will be able to opt in to certain experiments, check out new projects, or participate in studies that help us figure out how to teach you best. Note that we will still be running A/B tests as usual that won't necessarily be in Labs, and projects can be discontinued at any point.

Labs is currently available to all website users learning a language from English. You can get there by clicking on the "Labs" tab on the top bar.

The first Labs project is ready to test today! We're excited to present Duolingo Stories - our way of bringing narrative and storytelling into language learning. Check out Steve's forum post for more info on this new project, which is geared towards more advanced learners.

Many more projects to come — stay tuned!

UPDATE: August 3 2017 Today we released our second Labs project! Check out Duolingo Events – a fun and easy way to connect with other Duolingo learners around you in real life. Learn more in Laura's forum post.

June 22, 2017



Hello DL team,

This Labs section together with Duolingo Stories is a wonderful initiative. I am looking forward the day when you will release the Stories in German for English speakers.

As just a suggestion, I would like to recommend another test project for Labs, let's call it Duolingo Shows, which will introduce some popular TV show(s) in the learned languguage. E.g. Lafer! Lichter! Lecker! in German. https://www.zdf.de/show/laferlichterlecker

If we put the copyright issues and time-consuming negotiations aside, then technically it is a very fast and simple, yet powerful learning solution. You have the interesting texts and the real human dialogues fully available already. All what is additionally needed are the subtitles corresponding exactly to the real language with all of the flaws of the actual spoken language, and the possibility to rewind and re-listen at any place in the show. If you keep it simple then it might be even easier and faster to launch Duolingo Shows in German than Duolingo Stories in German.



Absobloodutely fantastic.


I am a fluent Spanish speaker... I tested out the Spanish stories (in the labs)! The dog story was HILARIOUS! Extremely well done! I believe this new Duolingo Stories platform will be of great aid to those who want to practice the context of a language more, while having fun with every unique story! I even tried out the Portuguese stories and loved it as well! Hoping they release French Stories as well! Excellent job Duolingo!


Absolutely love this idea!


Is DuoLingo working on anything new for the labs right now? Or are you waiting to see how the stories are going first. I would love to see more cool features soon. I'm really excited. :)


Im psyched for this!

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