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New language selector function is great!

Dear DL Devs,

I love the new feature in the language selector dropdown - being able to switch to courses with different base languages right from the dropdown. Not only does it save me about 6 clicks and 4 round trips, it also makes it much less likely that I accidentally change my UI into a language I don't understand.

It was a little surprising at first that it only works from the home page, but it is great nonetheless.

I wanted to let you know that your work is really appreciated.

June 22, 2017



Thanks, I missed that. (I actually searched to see if anyone had posted about it and didn't come across that.)

Since they ditched the Activity tab and the ability to see posts on individuals' pages, I have a hard time keeping up with posts from the staff. I wonder if anyone has written a browser add-in that will filter posts and only show those from staff and moderators?


I was thinking of writing one, as I had seen one written to filter out the stickied posts on the popular tab. However, with a forum rewrite on the way, it really doesn't seem like the right time.

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