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units of measurements in translations

Having worked through the sections, I feel I am ready to attempt some translations. In translating from Spanish to English should I change kilos to pounds etc. or leave the metric measurements as they are? This would be especially pertinent when translating recipes. Thank you for such a resource!

March 5, 2013



Keep in mind that you're translating to English, not to "American". The rest of the English speaking world (Canada, Britain, Australia, etc) uses metric.


Point well taken. Sorry to have been so provincial.


Glad you're working on translations! You shouldn't translate the metrics. It should be as it appears in the text. :)


Translation's just that - translation. Not transliteration. And not everyone in the U.S. is clueless when it comes to metric anyway.


Is this still true for units that are not commonly used in the English speaking world - e.g. is it better to leave "10 cc of lemon juice" or "2 teaspoons of lemon juice"?

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