how easy is it to learn Esperanto? heard it's one of the easiest languages to learn, is that true?

June 22, 2017


Yes, Esperanto is easy to learn if you know European languages. Apparently, if you learn Esperanto first, then learning Romance languages will be easier (in terms of recognising vocabulary and perhaps grammar concepts).

I get that the vocabulary is Euopean based, but it can also help with understanding non-European languages too with it's fexible sentence structure. It's also not just Romance languages that it helps you learn but Germanic languages since Esperanto has a fair amount of Germanic vocabulary and grammatical features.

[deactivated user]

    Very easy if you speak an European language.

    To be fair, it's pretty easy or everyone because of the felxible grammar and sentence structure. But the European based vocabulary does give people who speak Indo-European languages a bit of an edge.

    I think it was easier than expected. Knowing a little bit about Spanish was helpful too.

    It's ridiculously easy. I reccomend you give it a try for yourself just to see if you like it.

    Yes, it's very easy.

    it is especially if you know Spanish pretty well.

    because it is very similar to Spanish

    It's also helpful if you know some French, becuase of the exchange.

    ok I didn't know that thanks

    It's very easy. Barely any conjugations, no subjunctive, etc. It's even easier if you speak Spanish.

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