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I do Hate Hate Hate the new (Gem) App - How can I buy back my old App?

I used to enjoy doing most of my daily lessons on my phone, but the FORCED changes have sent me back to my computer for Duolingo study. I am glad it is still available in its original form there, but it is definitely more cumbersome than working with my phone or ipad.

I would have gladly donated money or paid monthly to use this wonderful program - but I was never asked to. Now I AM asking: please tell me how I can get rid of the awful upgrade and buy my old APP back???

June 22, 2017



You can get it back by using the desktop. The desktop doesn't have it.


I, too, am discouraged that the program was changed. I read on another blog that if I accesss Duolingo via my browser I can see my lingots. However, I'm using the new software on my iPhone because the challenge is greater.

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