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  5. "Los niños se comen la sopa"


"Los niños se comen la sopa"

Why do you need the "se" in this sentence?

June 22, 2017

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You can say: "Los niños comen la sopa" and it is correct. Mmmm I am thinking.... "Los niños se comen la sopa" well it is correct too, the second one is to say that in THIS MOMENT the kids are eating soup... the firt sentence is more like a non present time, I mean every children eat soup... but not at THIS MOMENT.


Thank you for that explanation. I am taking the English for Spanish speakers course because I finished the Spanish for English speakers, so often the Spanish in this course is expected to be more advanced and some of the nuances I do not understand as I am still learning. Gracias.


you're welcome!! I hope you enjoy learning I want to learn portuguese and well to keep practice english and learning it !! have a nice day


Hola, necesita la "se" porque indica una acción presente, quiere decir que eso es lo que están haciendo en el momento.

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