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Possible Mistake in a Sentence - Discussion VS Report

Is it good for Duolingo if users report possible mistakes in the report field, when in the end they are not?

I pretty often send the report, even if I am not 100% sure, and ask anyway in the discussion field. I think many people feel not so confident in reporting in the report field, some are even sure of the fact that there is a mistake, and write it in the discussion field.

What do the people in Duolingo think about it? What would be the best behaviour to follow in order to help the developers to improve the site and the community to learn?

March 5, 2013



If you have identified a specific mistake it would be great if you could report it! Our team of language experts will take a look and make updates if necessary. If you have questions or would like to discuss a sentence you can click on 'comment' in a lesson. It will be added to the thread for that sentence.


I already do this, but many many many people see a mistake and write it in the discussion.

I was wondering what to do in those cases when you are almost sure... and you never know if you are wrong. Since many of the users here are learning a language through English, that is not their mother tongue, people don't feel very confident to report. At least, that's what I "sense", but I don't want to check your data base to know it. :)


We take a look when submit a report, and you'll get an email if it's correct. If you'd like to have a more in depth conversation about a sentence or a grammar point your can start a discussion or comment (comments will be added to the thread about that sentence). We will be working on making this all much clearer :)

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