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French dialects.

Does anyone know where I can learn Quebec French or which variety of French is the simplest to learn for English speakers.

June 22, 2017



The differences between French variations are fairly minor, I don't think any one would be easier to learn than the others. If you search you'll find some sites with information on the differences between Canadian, Belgian, Swiss and standard French but I'm not aware of any places that teach Canadian French in particular. There must be resources for Canadian children though so they are probably out there somewhere.


Yes. Quebec French is taught in Canadian schools : )


I know variations are small, but I'm interested because I cannot get used to the silent letters in Parisan French. I've tried every memory trick I can think of, but I fail miserably. It's not just the silent letters that hinder me I have trouble remembering everyday french words too. I can remember every word of conversations, but languages are the hardest things in the world for me.


Try speaking French with an American accent, it's pretty close :)


If you learn "standard" French, you'll be able to get used to the Quebec spin on the language in time.

Googling "apprendre quebecois" comes up with some promising looking links. http://www.je-parle-quebecois.com/ for example.

Here's the site for Radio Canada 1ière: http://ici.radio-canada.ca/premiere, which often occupies sort of a middle ground between Parisian French and colloquial Quebecois.

There's also this, fwiw.


Thank you so much for your help. I'm interested in Quebec French because I can't get used to the silent letters in Parisan French. I have no idea why because I can remember every word of conversations, but Parisan French is very difficult for me. I've tried every memory trick I can think of, but I just fail at it every time.


Hmm, taking a shot in the dark, it might help (if you haven't mastered the point as yet), to get a good understanding of the French vowel system. Many of the letters aren't so much silent as part of a far-from-obvious spelling system for representing vowel sounds that don't have their own letter.

Here are some videos that might help:

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