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Duolingo stories: "cuidando de um pássaro"

Laughing out loud (that story is very funny)

I think this type of project is very promising. If they add maybe longer paragraphs with longer and more complex sentences, it would be great (for intermediate learners).

It is clearly different than just translating isolated sentences once and again. Much closer to "real life" language learning, that is, listening to real dialogues.

Please, Duolingo staff, keep on developing this new tool for language learning.

June 22, 2017



It sounds super cool. If it becomes a thing, I really hope they add French and some of the other languages I'm learning : )


Now I've seen eight out of the ten stories.

Most of them are funny and there are several words and expressions that don't appear in the tree.

I really like the concept, to listen (and/or to read) more "real" dialogues, conversations with a proper context.

I think this way is much better to learn a new language, given how our brains work.


Omg "La peor cita de mi vida" and "Precisamos conversar?" had me cracking up


"Tenho outra coisa que te queria dizer...aprendei a meditar!"

I loved the stories, and also liked that it just had people using the languages. I also like that they used different accents. In the Portuguese one the man had a bit of a Mineiro accent (mostly the -ar sound) and the woman was more standard. In the Spanish equivalent, the man sounded Mexican and the woman sounded a bit Argentinian to me.

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