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"Japanese is a little hard."


June 23, 2017



Any vast difference between using すこし and ちょっと here? Or is it just a matter of register?


In my opinion, ちょっと is more casual.


More of personal preference, I believe.


The kanji for 少し, literally means "few/ a little" whereas ちょっと can have a variety of meanings, as it is usually part of longer set phrases. ちょっと待ってください。ちょっとすみません。ちょっと通してください。




According to the FSI (Foreign Service Institute), Japanese is THE MOST DIFFICULT language in the world for a native English speaker.


Please let that be true. I really need that pat on the back after all the grueling work I've put into studying this thing.


Amen. I love it, but man is it hard sometimes.


i wonder wether they have tried mandarin


Yes, according to the FSI studies, Mandarin is also one of the most difficult languages, as well as Korean, Arabic, etc., but Japanese is the most. Remember, this is a statistical result, depending on individuals, not a precise scientific conclusion.
The written form of both Mandarin and Japanese (mixed with many archaic expressions, idioms... ) differ greatly from colloquial, that means the difficulties will only increase as long as you continue learning them.


It gets funnier when you're not a English speaker learning Japanese from English


Then i assume that you, just like me, know english very well.


on duolingo, it sure is!



So 小さいです wouldnt be right because we arent referring to physical size? It must be no coincidence that the kanji are so similar for 「小さい」 and 「少し」


Any reason why たいへん isn't an acceptable substitute for むずかしい in this sentence?


It would mean something akin to "troublesome" rather than difficult.


I prefer Japanese to English. A lot fewer inconsistencies.


I think Russian is hard. Possibly even harder than Japanese. There are so many different variations of how you can say stuff not to mention cases and conjugations and genders and it's all different for plural form. I've never heard a foreigner speak Russian correctly regardless of how long they've been studying it. Sorry for the rant.


What you said is not rant but very interesting. Да русский язык крайне сложный, и сколько лет ни учишь, все равно допускаешь ошибки всякие, но 1. Согласно FSI, японский язык является самым трудным относительно носителей английского языка. Для, скажем, тайванцев или корейцев, японский проще русского; а для сербов или поляков, русским относительно легко владеть.
2. Мне кажется, русский сложен не из-за множеств выражений, падежей, родов или чисел, как Вы сказали (это характерно и для других славянских языков) , а из-за огромного количества исключений, в том числе ударения.


No male audio for 少し or 難しい


I think, for me, Japanese is easier to learn than most other languages. I took French for ~12 years throughout school and University, and while i can get by, i was never super good. The problem holding me back there is that i have not be immersed in the language (like lived in france for a month or something).

Japanese on the other hand has a ton of things to learn, but since i am a weeb, i can get a partial immersion of the language while watching anime and whatnot. Im having a ton of fun learning Japanese, whereas learning french was like an obligation. I've only been learning Japanese for like 6 months, and i look forward to learning so much more! ^_^


Extremely hard

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