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This week is anyone receiving lingots and the congratulations notice for leveling up??

In the past month I have not received notices or awards for leveling up on the app (English -> French). Today was the first time on the web that I reached a new level in Spanish-> English course and did not get the notice and a lingot reward.

Has anyone else experienced this and not received a notice of congratulations with lingots equal to your new level? I'm gonna keep going to level 25 regardless of lingots/gems/ta-da trumpeting/fake trophies... but it would still be nice to know when you cross a threshold of XPs.

June 23, 2017

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I just leveled up in Spanish and Russian (both from English). I don't mind not getting the lingots (I have more than I know what to do with any way), but I would have appreciated getting a notification like I did previously.


Muchas gracias Sialia2 por su respuesta. No me importa los lingots... pero prefiero ver el nuevo nivel (sin el sonido ¡ta-chán!) cuando estoy trabajando hacia un objetivo de XP.

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