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I can't see my progress to the next level anymore.

On the old system you were given your progress toward the next level with a little bar graph at the end of each lesson. That is gone now.

You could also check your progress by going to 'my profile' .. And depending on the language you were learning FROM you could see all the courses that you are taking and a the number of XPs in each.

However, with the new system it lumps all your languages in 'my profile' together. So, since I have reached level 25 in English from Italian it shows that I am at level 25 in English... But I am now taking English from Spanish.. so I can't see my progress on that tree.

Same goes for Italian.. I have level 25 in Italian for English.. but I am still working on Italian from Spanish.. so I can't see that progress either.

I suppose DUO is still keeping score.. and when I do finally hit a new level it will tell me.. but It sucks not being able to look at all the XPs that I have gained :-(

June 23, 2017



Top left corner of your Home tab should show your level for that specific tree.

Would be nice if they represented the from-to pairing the way they do on the Incubator page, a small from flag overlapping the lower right of the to flag.


THanks.. I had not really noticed that before :-) but still.. It only shows that I am on level 23... not if I need 3000 more points or 200 more points to get to level 24... that used to be given to you after every lesson... It was motivational to see the next level gettting closer.


Agreed. For now it seems like the option is to check on the app (which, unfortunately doesn't tell you how many points until the next level, but at least tells you how many points you have).


Yes. I upgraded and now I can't see my points totals or points needed for next level. I miss it! I wish I had not upgraded. :(

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