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Looking for German Kid's Shows

I was wondering if any of you knew where I could find shows that have been translated to German (Preferably kid's shows like Spongebob) or knew of any simple German shows. I've been looking for a while in hopes of finding a good way to exercise my German skills and possibly pick up new words / phrases. Thank you for your time!

June 23, 2017



My favorite is "die Sendung mit der Maus" (here's an English Wikipedia article on it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Die_Sendung_mit_der_Maus).

First of all, I love "die Maus" and all its friends. And the show covers interesting topics, for example, the functioning of technical items is explained in very easy terms, for kids. This is the official website: http://www.wdrmaus.de/ (The button "Aktuelle Sendung" should open the link to the latest show).


Thank you very much! I will definitely check that out.


A lot of old stuff is on youtube. If you have the name of the show you want to see in German, just try to add "ganze Folge" in the search field. For example, here is something I found for Spongebob: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZPfD2Q_AWU

A german kid's show I remember is "Das Sandmännchen".


Thank you for the tip!


I like Siebenstein. The show revolves around: a levelheaded motherly figure - Frau Siebenstein, impetuous but endearing raven - Rabi and a condescending storytelling suitcase - Koffer. They are in a shop in modern times and there is always something happening there but also the suitcase tells stories some well known some made up. There are lots of episodes. People I've encountered online always say they prefer the first Frau Siebenstein (there have been 2) personally I enjoy both.


Thank you for the suggestion! It sounds very interesting.


Almost every major kids show has a German version. If you google the name of the show + deutsch, you will find it on YouTube. If there are particular shows that you are looking for but cannot find, you can write them down and I will post the links.


Alright, thank you!


You say things like Spongebob. Well, Spongebob, as well as pretty much every other cartoon, has a German dubbed version. So you have a lot of options there.


I've been looking up the dubbed versions of American cartoons and just can't seem to find them anywhere. (When I do find them, the website is sketchy and tries to get you to download things that are almost certainly a virus) Do you know of a specific place I could find them?


It's hard to tell you from my standpoint, because different websites often restrict access from different countries. There is a German comedycentral website, youtube does have some things. You could also try myvideo.de and zattoo.tv (which is just IPTV), if you can access those from your country.


There's a show called Bobo Siebenschläfer which is at a very basic/preschooler level. I've found that I understand a significant portion of it which means that I can use the context to learn the words I don't know. It's very easy and a cute show, I've been watching it with my 2 year old.


Thank you for the suggestion!


While in Germany I saw "The Simpsons" translated into German- though I never looked into watching it in the German language once back in the states.


Ooh, I'll have to look that up. I'd love to see it translated


I like Heidi in German, it is in Youtube and for very small kids Jonalu. If you Google it you will get a lot of shows.


Alright, thank you!


Ich werde dir einen Kanal von Youtube empfehlen namens "Professor Balthazar deutsche". Es handelt sich um die Abenteuer eines Professor, der immer allerlei Erfindungen machte. Jeder Folge dauert etwa 8 minuten und der ist in einem sehr eindeutig und verstehenbar Deutsch erzählt. Es gibt auch untertiteln. Die URL ist https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9W5WvIVULylWktQFojG1aw


you can stream programmes from the German TV channels zdf and Das Erste on their websites. They have subtitles too which is helpful :)

https://www.zdf.de/ http://www.daserste.de/


Thank you! I'll check it out ^^

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