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First time on Domingo: Tips

So happy just started my Spanish learning. Does any one have any tips for me?

June 23, 2017



Tip #1: Add Duolingo to your browsers dictionary so that it doesn't get auto-corrected to Domingo!


My advice, based on my experience, and based on how Duolingo is designed:

  1. Practise every day. Little and often works better, and is more fun.

  2. Above all else, keep the tree gold. Weakened skills are how duolingo's spaced recognition algorithms tell you the best time to revise each word. If you revise the skills at the times Duolingo suggests, you'll find it works really well.

  3. Peek when you need to, but not otherwise. Peeking helps you learn the words you need to know, and it tells Duolingo that you need to practise them more often.

  4. If you're comfortable with the difficulty of the skills you're strengthening, and you're getting most questions right, (and if you have time,) do a new lesson or two. Otherwise, use strengthen skills.

  5. Use review lesson after every lesson, to remind yourself about the correct versions of what you got wrong.

  6. Don't worry about getting questions wrong. Your aim isn't to be perfect now, but to be better in the future. Getting questions wrong is part of the process.

  7. Use Wiktionary to look up the etymology of words you find hard to remember. Knowing where a word comes from and where it fits really helps.

  8. Read about the grammar of the language you're learning. It's loads easier to have the patterns of the language explained to you, rather than figuring them out for yourself. Read them briefly, and don't worry if you don't understand them fully the first time you read them. Come back to them from time to time to help you sort out the bits of the language you're finding difficult. The tips and notes sections are fine, but there are plenty of resources elsewhere on the web, most of which are more comprehensive. I like Wikipedia's grammar articles, e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_grammar

Good luck :)



.. duolingo ten interesting- actual-snippets

Ten things about duolingo






Thank you, Jack I was looking for those statistics. You are always outstanding with the news and more!



"Labs" is it a plural of lab

Lab as in short for a laboratory

like a language laboratory

Would this ge the reason for "labs"



But here it might also mean experimental instead of the classical language labatory because in the labs they test new features that could be removed and discontinued at any time.


Welcome to Duolingo! I hope you enjoy this platform as many others do, remember that websites are not all, you should try to read books, watch movies, listen to music in the language you're learning, also, you should go to a touristic place in your zone, and try to talk with native speakers. Espero que mis consejos te hayan ayudado, Chau!


I use a notebook and write the new words as I say them. It helps me.


What I have here are some tips to help you use the site. Hope they help. They were originally written two years ago but I've tried to keep them up to date.
Happy learning. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4821654


Bienvenido! Welcome :) My tip for you is to get friends involved in learning this language with you! It will make it so much more fun and It adds a little competition! I also second doing other things besides Duolingo! It is a great website but cannot do everything ;) I watch kids shows in Spanish to help expand my vocabulary :) Buenos Suerte! Good luck!

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