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  5. "このセーターは長くないです。"


Translation:This sweater is not long.

June 23, 2017



"Nagaku" "長く" has no sound.

Also the audio sounds like it is saying "nawaku"(nai) (なわくない) no matter how many times I play it, even though I know what it is supposed to sound like. :(


This is an interesting facet of Japanese pronounciation of the "g" sound. When it's at the beginning of a word, it's a hard G, but the "ga" particle or other G-sounds in the middle of a word sound more like "ng" and are much softer. "Nagai" sounds much more like "Nang-ai" or "nang-aku-nai" in this case." Give it a re-listen with that in mind.


After doing just a little research, it seems the nasal "g" sound was set as the standard long ago. Both the hard "g" and nasal "g" can both be heard today, however. Some people attribute this to social class, age, or region.

So I guess pronouncing it either way will still be understandable, but it's not technically correct according to standard Japanese.


I always thought long was (nagai) so its strange seeing all these kus here


Nagai means long, but here it's conjugated to its negative form. To conjugate an 'i' adjective negative you take away the 'i' sound and replace it with:

~kunai - is not ~katta - was ~kunakatta - was not


I don't think that makes sense in English. When was the last time you bought a "long" sweater?


Perhaps the speaker is showcasing a few different sweaters. "This long sweater is on trend. This sweater is not long."


A bit off-topic:

In what way is a sweater long or short? Is a sweater's length its height (distance from neck to waist)?


I guess it means in terms of height. Like a long sweater would be below the waist I think


My thoughts exactly, I'm assuming it's meaning refers to its overall size (this sweater ain't big enuff) as in the sleeves are too short & the bottom edge of the trunk area above one's waist


if you put 長いセーター on google images, you probably get a better answer for this kind of question.




It does not accept "jumper", but "sweater" is American term


Yeah Duo uses American English. All we can do is keep reporting so ALL the correct terms are in the database.


Why is the plural form not accepted? i.e. These sweaters are not long.


Are most sweaters "long?" Once again, Duo, you leave me more confused than anything.


How would you say "my sweater is not long enough"?


I would think in japanese it would translate back to "i want a longer sweater" ie: わたしはもとながいセーターがはしいでず I don't know if that is how you spell the words in japanese, but that is how I imagine one would explain that they want a longer sweater, which is similar to saying your sweater isn't long enough.


What's the implication of this sentence? Is the sweater the right size, or not??

Implied context 1: Unlike the last few sweaters you tried on, THIS sweater isn't too long for you. Implied context 2: The speaker doesn't want to criticize the sweater or the wearer, but is suggesting that maybe a bare-midriff look isn't appropriate at a formal dinner party.

Or could it be either?


I have a sweater, I have a sweater, unh, long sweater

dance time


So, it's a crop-top sweater?


I keep reporting these things, but just in case someone is also reading these comments- if you could please change 'sweater' so it also accepts 'jumper' then that'd be fab, ta

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