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  5. "The party yesterday was fun."

"The party yesterday was fun."


June 23, 2017



Wouldn't that be more like "yesterday's party"?


The same thing. As far i know there is no way to construct the sentence in such a way that it is analogous to "the party yesterday" in English.


How about "yesterday, the party was fun"? You don't necessarily need to bestow ownership on yesterday. It means the same.


In casual speech is fine if a short pause is taken, but would sound weird, in casual writing, a comma would suffice


Is the "の" particle really needed here? Surely 昨日、パーティは楽しかったです。would mean the same thing?


That might sound like you're comparing it to another night. As in: "yesterday, the party was fun (but the day before yesterday / today it was boring"). However, it's not wrong to leave it out.


昨日パーティーは楽しかった wasn't accepted but I think that it should be. However, 昨日のパーティーは楽しかった is accepted。


Why this one use です instead of でした?


Because the i-adjective 楽しかった(たのしかった)is what indicates past tense here. The ~かった ending means "it was ~". Since this is the basic/informal form, です is added for politeness and does not change tense itself. This kind of makes it sound like "[the fact] is, it was fun" (both a present and past tense in one sentence).

でした only comes into play when the i-adjective cannot make a paste tense of itself, as happens with formal negatives. E.g. when instead of saying 楽しくないです you use 楽しくはありません, the latter can't be conjugated any further. So an average polite 楽しくなかったです becomes a highly formal 楽しくはありませんでした.


Shouldn't 「きのう、パーティーがたのしかったです」be fine?? Id think that if they really really wanted me to say 「きのうのパーティー」then they would have asked me to type "yesterday's party" in the question...


Is the "desu" imperative in this sentence?


All of duolingo has taught the polite form so far. If you remove the desu it would be technically correct, but not the polite form.


Is "おもしろかった" wrong to use here, instead of "たのしかった"?


No, it isn't wrong, but there's a different nuance. おもしろかった sounds more like "entertaining" instead of "fun". As though you were more of a spectator than a participant in this party.


昨日のパーテイーは楽しかったです Duo does not accept my answer. I need help.



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