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Improved drop down for courses from other base languages!

I am soooo happy that I can go from my courses from English directly to a course from French from the single drop down! This is a tremendous change and improvement! Now I can do directly to my Spanish from French course without all the rigmarole, and I'm sure I will do so often :) Thank you! Gracias! Obrigado!

PS, interesting: when I am in the language learning mode, the language drop down shows all my languages regardless of my base language, but when I'm on this discussion page, I'm only able to see the my languages from my current base language what ever it might be at the moment.

June 23, 2017



Yes! I totally agree that it's a very good improvement there! I'm so happy that now we can change our base language more easily.

As you mentioned below, it's because of the new website. That feature only available in the new website. Words and Discussion pages are still the old website so they don't have it. That's why when you click Discussion tab, the browser load the page again, unlike before when only Duolingo website load it.


i'm also realize it few hrs ago, it is really convenience & fast to change the course. xD,

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