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  5. "Зараз шоста година?"

"Зараз шоста година?"

Translation:Is it six o'clock now?

June 23, 2017


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I think "Is it 6 o'clock" is enough.


Yep, totally. Even "Is it six?" was on the list, but this was somehow overlooked O_o Thanks, now it's accepted!


I said,” It is now six o clock” and it marked it wrong - please fix


Hmm, we only accept "o'clock". I've never seen it being written "o clock" (maybe people do when they text to save time).

[deactivated user]

    I've never seen "o clock" in a text. When we write we use 6am, 6pm, 6, 18:00, etc


    I wrote: Is it now 6 o' clock? I was marked wrong. They don't seem to like this word order but it can work in English.

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