"I like English more than math."

Translation:Ich mag Englisch lieber als Mathematik.

March 5, 2013

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Is "Ich mag lieber Englisch als Mathematik" wrong?


no, it's also possible.


What's wrong with Ich mag Englisch besser als Mathematik?


You can't say so in German. "to like something" is "etwas mögen" or "etwas gern mögen" in German. And the comparative of "gern" is "lieber", not "besser". "besser" is the comparative of "gut", which doesn't fit here.


The hints implied it was "Ich habe lieber Englisch über Mathe", otherwise I'd have written "Ich mag Englisch lieber als Mathe", since it was used in the previous example.

Typical for Duo to provide misleading hints! Doesn't really help us...


What you call "hints" is like a dictionary and givees translations of single words or phrases. That does not mean all of those fit in the given sentence (sometimes that word does not even show up in the translation at all).
They are intended to provide additional information, not to be used as clues. If that does not help you, just don't use them. Nobody is forced to look at them. In fact it is even recommended to use them as seldom as possible.


I didn't say I was forced to use them, but if they're of no use, or it's recommended that we try not to look at them, why are they there? (Rhetorical question. These 'single words/ phrases' will continue to mislead people, as people are struggle to work out how to translate what is written above - those who've not yet mastered the language continually turn to them for assistance.)

From what you've just said they're a waste of space.


I don't consider them a waste of space. There is two specific situations where I myself use them:
a) If I am sure I already know the answer and the word just doesn't come to my mind, there is a real chance that it is among the ones listed in the "hints". That helps a lot.
b) if I am curious to find out what the literal meaning of a single word is, and what the total range is that it covers.

But I agree with you that it is not a good idea to leave these "hints" in such a prominent place. It seems to mislead lots of people, so maybe it is better to leave them out or at least make them less accessible.


is lieber a verb and if so why is it not at the end of the sentence

[deactivated user]

    Lieber is no verb, you can't say 'Ich lieber/e'. Lieb is an adjective. But if you use lieber in this sentence, its the comparative of gern. So in this sentence, lieber is an adverb, because ich MAG ... lieber als.... Its an Adjektiv, whenever sein, bin, bist etc. appears. And that is impossible with lieber. You can't say 'Ich bin lieber/du bist lieber'


    I put the same and "englisch" was marked wrong


    Mathe is a better translation for math.


    Would "Englisch gefällt mir lieber als Mathematik" be correct?


    "Englisch gefällt mir besser als Mathematik" or Ich mag Englisch lieber als Mathematik". You can't mix the two phrases.


    Can we just use "mehr als" here?


    You can. But "lieber als" sounds far better.

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