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"I stop at the corner of the road."


June 23, 2017



Is there an explanation for why it's で here instead of に?


From what I can tell with what the sentences all have in common, で is used when you are doing something at a place, に is used when you are going to a place. Would someone please confirm or correct?


When talking about the location in which you are performing an action, for simple actions such as simply existing (います), sitting or standing, に can be used to describe your location.

However, for more complex verbs, such as eating, reading, hearing, stopping, etc, で should be used.

Then, for motion verbs (いきます,きます), に is used to describe your destination whereas で is used to describe how you got there.

わたしは日本にいます - I am in Japan. わたしはいすにすわります - I sit in a chair. わたしはみちにたちます - I stand in the road.

わたしはでんしゃで本をよみます - I read a book on the train. わたしは日本にひこうきでいきます - I go to Japan by plane.

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    there was no 'ri' for me to use


    What's the difference between とまり and とまつて ?

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