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1,5 years of learning German - how is it going?

I now have learned German for 1,5 years. Started out with Duolingo and took some classes (up to A2 level). I feel I am doing ok actually. It helps a lot to live in Vienna and have a work, I learn new things every day.

I still have the most problems with der, die or das as with accusative and dative. But it will come, I listen and read German on a daily basis, and try to memorize the above. When I do not understand, I have a note book where I often write down words or sentences, and then check it up later.

I still often speak English, but have started to add German words, since my thinking is getting more accustomed to German (or rather Austrian german). I am good enough to talk around a problematic word so a native can teach me what I search for.

I understand a lot more than I can speak, which is somewhat frustrating. Another problem is dialects. A true Viennese does not say "Achtzen", they say "Ochtzen". Also, not "Machen" or "Es tut mir leid", they say "Mochen" and "Tud ma lad".

At the moment I feel the need to talk about important things for me, like birds. So I have recently learned Amsel, Krähe, Elster und Mauersegler. It feels good to be able to dive into specifics actually.

My learning process: I think I actually know less now than half a year ago. Back then I was very worried about how to say all the correct things, now I simply speak. But my core knowledge is a lot bigger than before, and it is expanding. Perhaps I might reach my goal of being just as good in German as in English. I think it will take a couple of more years though, to get really fluent and be able to express feelings, details and not getting tired when trying to understand a conversation in a bar.

It is also a lot about social rules and how to be polite (or not polite if needed), catching up on jokes and irony and the likes. I think that means something, that I start to recognize this.

For those of you that learn Austrian german, I have a good music tip: Wiener Blonde. Here with "Schau ma mal". It is actually a very accurate description of life in Vienna. All the caracters are there and the environment is perfect. A normal Viennese bar, the japanese tourists, the wine drinker, the Augustine-verkaufer, the one in Lederhosen (more common than one might think, as is Dirndl), the Blümenverkaufer, the old ladies and the youngsters with computers or Handys.


Schönes lernen, meine Freunde! Widershauen!

June 23, 2017



Beautiful! You mirror the stages I went through many years ago when I came to Australia: The unfamiliar accent, the noise in pubs which makes it so much harder to understand a conversation (10 years on I still suffer when too many people speak at the same time) - and the eventual lack of worry about mistakes. After all I speak my second language better than most people around me? :D

Admittedly, it also helped that I knew my mother (who is a French native) made many mistakes after 20 years in Germany and simply didn't give a s.... She always goes "Bei Edeka" (or whatever supermarket), it was impossible to get her to say "zu".

Keep talking, people will be just happy that you put the effort in!


I truly believe that is the spirit! Keep it up! :D

I laugh, but in a very warm way, fellow traveller or language learner. It is good to know one is not alone. Your answer made part of my day, live with that, mate! :D


Another good tip which I use a lot: I bought a Swedish-German app, Wörterbuch, and I use it a lot. It is truly for daily learning and when I get frustrated over a word I do not know I can check it up immediately. I also use it for the "normal" daily learning of words.


Here is another good tip if you like movies "off the list". Der Schuh des Manitu. German and Indians make a particularly bad combination, so it is Köstlich in it self. Indianer!!! Servus!!! :D



Hallo Patrick,

gut gemacht!

Ich glaube Du hast Dir wirklich eine Belohnung für Deine ganze Ausdauer mit der deutschen Sprache verdient!!

Ab nach Podersdorf zum Neusiedlersee: Geh Kitesurfing - bisserl Wind bei Euch vorausgesetzt :-)

Ich hab im oase.com Surfing Forum gelesen, dass die den Strandabschnitt neu gemacht haben?!?
Der Shop USD.at schreibt (mit Foto) bsw., dass die am neuen Strand einen neuen Shop / Station errichtet haben.

Da können wir wohl in Bayern mit unserem Rothsee, Brombachsee und Altmühlsee nur davon träumen, was ihr in Österreich im Umkreis von Wien habt.
Die Kröte mit der Tages-/Dauerkarte zum NordNord Strand, Kite Wimperl sowie Lycra Nummer mußt wohl oder übel schlucken.

Hau rein!

Viele Grüße nach AT / Wien


Vielen Dank, Herr Heiss!

Nah, Kite surfing ist nicht für mich, aber danke jedenfalls. Als Belohnung gehe ich gerne nach Naschmarkt für ein Radler oder kalltes Prosecco, und feiern mit meine Lebensgefährtin. Passt mir sehr gut - und willkommen! :)

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