"Or at the very least a theory."

Translation:Oder zumindest eine Theorie.

March 5, 2013

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What is the difference between zumindest and mindestens?



Sakasiru has a good explanation in the above link which is as follows

mindestens is mostly used with a number or a measure: Ich brauche für den Kuchen mindestens fünf Äpfel. Das sind mindestens fünf Liter Wasser. Das dauert mindestens eine Woche.

wenigstens is often used to tell what you at least need to be a little comfortable or satisfied: Gib mir wenigstens ein bisschen Geld! Wenigstens hab ich einen Regenschirm dabei. Ich will wenigstens mal nachschauen.

zumindest is the more educated sounding sister of wenigstens, so you can use it wherever you use wenigstens, sometimes it is also used for mindestens in business speak ("ein Anstieg von zumindest 50%...") but it sounds awful. It also can mean jedenfalls (=anyway): Zumindest sieht es schlecht für uns aus. Ich habe mir zumindest nichts vorzuwerfen.

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Yes -- five years and no response.


Is "Oder am wenigstens eine Theorie" a possible translation for "Or at the very least a theory."?


That says: The very last thing that is, is a theory. It's, like, no real theory at all. The actual sentence suggests "it's at least a theory andwe don't have any better evidence at this point, so let's go on with this idea". In German 'wenigstens' would work, though.


Yup, neither my suggestion or the given one give the nuance of the VERY least, I think...

But you can never translate all nuances. :)



How about "Oder allermindestens eine Theorie" ?


Does the German imply the meaning "at the VERY least" or merely "at least", in which case it's not a good translation of the English.

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