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The difference between 'Ludzie' and 'Ludzmi'

I've been learning Polish, and I noticed 2 words coming up for 'people' in Polish. 'Ludzmi' and 'Ludzie'. What are the difference between the two words? I can't seem to find out anywhere, is it because one is masculine and one is feminine? Thanks!

June 23, 2017



Ludzie is the nominative and ludźmi is the instrumental form. Check out the declension table here. This noun is masculine and only has the plural form. Singular man/human would be człowiek, which does not have a plural form — plural for men/people is ludzie.

Also keep in mind that it's very important to pay attention to those diacritics (ź not z, ą not a, ć not c). It's really easy to underestimate the importance of using them.

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