"Ela tem calças vermelhas."

Translation:She has red pants.

March 5, 2013

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I love the word 'vermelha'!! Red/Rouge/Rojo/Rot - those are alright, but Vermelha/Vermilion really jump at you and say, "Pay attention!" :)


Got me wondering about vermilion and why Portuguese didn't go the rojo route; this doesn't answer the question, but it's interesting:

The word vermilion came from the Old French word vermeillon, which was derived from vermeil, from the Latin vermiculus, the diminutive of the Latin word vermis, or worm. It has the same origin as the English word vermin.[2] The name originated because it had a similar color to the natural red dye made from an insect, the Kermes vermilio, which was widely used in Europe.[6] The words for the color in Portuguese (vermelho) and Catalan (vermell) have the same origin. (from Wikipedia)


Most of our color names didn't follow the other romance languages. The same with the name of the days of the week.

  • 1281

In the UK we say trousers, not pants


Some cities in English use pants to mean trousers instead of underwear.


Can someone explain why "tem" is correct and why "têm" is incorrect in this sentence? :)


Tem is singular(he, she, it,-ele, ela, isso) as for têm is plural (you, they- vocês, eles, elas). The pronunciation is the same, just spelling is different.


I hadn't even noticed the difference in spelling until now. Obrigada!


Thank you, finally found someone who explain it :D

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